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Top 5 Electric Rice Cookers In India In 2022

Cooking rice wasn’t so easy before the invention of electric rice cookers. The innovation of the electric rice cooker brought ease to the lives of people. They are packed with a bunch of features and are very effective. Let’s look at the list of top electric rice cookers in India:

  1. Prestige PMC 2.0 Multi Cooker with concealed base

This is something that you can’t deny to be among your favorite because it not only cooks rice but also noodles, boils eggs, tea, soups, tea, and coffee too. It comes with a stylish glass lid and ergonomically designed handles.

  1. Prestige PRWO 1.8-2700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Aluminium Cooking Pans

This is a stylish cooker packed with excellent features making your cooking experience hassle-free. It also has cool to touch handle and comes with an additional cooking pan, measuring cup, and scoop.

  1. Panasonic SR-WA10 450-Watt Automatic Cooker without Warmer

It has the minimalist look that boasts of its anodized aluminum pan that prevents food particles to stick on it. It has a long period warranty and does its job well of cooking rice.

Additionally, it is inexpensive, compact, energy-efficient, and easy to clean.

  1. Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

It has an all-white neat body with user-friendly controls. It is perfect for small families with its adequate cooking capacity. It has an aluminum cooking pan with an anodized finish. It uses low power consumption.

  1. Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 750-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker with Non-stick Cooking Pan

This electric rice cooker is a must for every kitchen. It has a higher cooking capacity for big families. It has 5 hours keep warm mode and is guaranteed durable.