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IAS Divyadharshini UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Age, Family, Biography, in 2023

In 2023, the biography of IAS officer Divyadharshini, including her UPSC marksheet, rank, age, and family details.
IAS Divyadharshini

Divyadharshini IAS, achieved the All India Rank 1 in 2010, nationwide. Despite initially not clearing the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, she secured the top position on her subsequent try. She held great admiration for Abdul Kalam Sir (former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam) as well as her family.

Hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Divyadarshini IAS had prior experience working at the State Bank of India (SBI) before clearing the Civil Services Examination. Her father, V. Shanmugam, serves as a customs consultant, and her mother, S. Padmavathi, is a homemaker.

FULL NAME S Divyadharshini
OPTIONAL SUBJECT Public Administration and Law
HOMETOWN/CITY Chennai, Tamil Nadu
GRADUATION Dr Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

S Divyadharshini IAS biography

According to the biography of Divyadarshini IAS, she was born in Chennai on May 21, 1987, and grew up there. As of 2022, she turned 36 years old. Her father, V Shanmugam, is employed as a private consultant, while her mother, S Padmavathi, is a homemaker. Her elder sister, Priyadarshini, works in Bangalore, and she has a younger brother named Gokulnath. Divyadarshini IAS expressed that her parents have always been supportive and encouraging. In her leisure time, she enjoys watching cricket, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with her friends.

Divyadarshini IAS Education

Ddivyadarshini IAS had made a firm commitment to become an IAS officer and had planned to persist with her preparations until she had utilized all her attempts. Her parents consistently offered their support and encouragement towards her decision.

S Divyadharshini IAS achieved a 74% score in CBSE board class 10 and an 86% score in class 12 from Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School in Chennai. Subsequently, she obtained a BA BL (Hons) degree from Dr Ambedkar Law University in the School of Excellence in Law College, Chennai. While she had always contemplated taking the UPSC exam, it was only during her third year of her BA BL (Hons) course that she made the definitive choice to pursue it.

After an unsuccessful attempt in the CSE, she dedicated a year to prepare for her second attempt in the prelims. Throughout the process, her parents provided unwavering encouragement and support.

S Divyadharshini IAS opted for Public Administration and Law as her preferred subjects.

Topper S Divyadharshini IAS Marksheet


IAS Topper S Divyadharshini UPSC AIR 1, 2010

S Divyadharshini IAS Current Posting

S Divyadharshini IAS embarked on her civil service journey as an Assistant Collector in Coimbatore during 2012-13. Subsequently, she assumed the role of Sub Collector in Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam district from 2013 to 2015. When encountering officials, she politely declined baskets of fruits and only accepted books as gifts. She also held positions as the deputy Home Secretary and the secretary of the Public Works Department. Notably, she became the inaugural collector of the newly established Ranipet district. In an interview, she expressed her intention to utilize her role as a federal servant to drive positive transformations.

Currently, S Divyadharshini IAS serves as the Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women's Development Limited.

IAS S Divyadharshini UPSC Handwritten Notes

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IAS S Divyadharshini Preparation Strategy

According to Divyadarshini IAS, a reputable coaching center plays a crucial role in providing valuable guidance during the initial stages when one is unsure of where to begin. She emphasized the significance of the center's examination system, which helps individuals assess their current standing and identify areas where additional effort is required. Divyadarshini acknowledged Coach Prabhakaran Sir from Prabhas IAS Academy as her mentor. Additionally, she highlighted her heavy reliance on the internet for information during her second attempt, specifically utilizing current affairs websites dedicated to CSE courses.

During an interview, S Divyadharshini IAS disclosed that she dedicates an average of four to five hours of study every day, increasing it by a few additional hours during exam periods. She emphasized the utmost importance of self-belief as a vital aspect of preparation. In her own words, she once stated, "Develop your own strategy, as no one knows you better than yourself."


At the age of 24, S Divyadharshini IAS achieved the top position in the 2010 Civil Services Exam. Her parents, V Shanmugam, a private consultant, and S Padmavathi, a homemaker, welcomed her into the world. Prior to her remarkable achievement, Divyadharshini had been employed at the State Bank of India (SBI) for half a year, having successfully cleared the SBI Clerical Recruitment Exam in 2010. In the exam, she attained a total score of 1334 (58%). Her chosen subjects of specialization were Public Administration and law. She held deep admiration for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.