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IAS Ishwarya Ramanathan Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Posting, Salary, Husband in 2023


Ishwarya Ramanathan is one of India's youngest IAS officers. In the 2019 UPSC Civil Services Exam, she achieved an All India Rank of 47. Ishwarya is the best role model for IAS aspirants who want to make a difference in their lives. She has been working as an Assistant Collector for the Vellore district since April 2021.

Sociology was her optional subject. She thought she could, so she did. The ultimate guide and motivation are to serve the country diligently. As a woman, she aspires for all Indian women to speak up for their rights and seize them in any way they can. This IAS officer is a goddess disguised as a regular girl. Not only that, but she has consistently demonstrated her worth since joining the civil service. However, it has been less than a year since her arrival, and we believe that with her grace and charisma, she will soar to new heights.

Her bravery and perseverance earned her many admirers. She has a lovely appearance, a kind heart, and a brilliant mind. She was also an outgoing student who participated in extracurricular activities. She was chosen second in her state and was the top female student in her class. The IAS officer also has an impeccable judicial record, which has aided her in obtaining top government positions.

Iswarya Ramanathan, an IAS officer from Tamil Nadu, is a keen observer of people and places. She is very enthusiastic about her job and believes in giving her all in everything she does. She has only been an IAS officer for a little over a year. 

Number of Attempts

She took two attempts to pass the UPSC exam in total. In 2018, she took her first UPSC exam and received an AIR 630 all-India rank, and the Indian government assigned her to IRAS (Indian Railway Accounts Service), but she was dissatisfied with herself, so in 2019, she took the UPSC exam and received an all-India rank of Air 47, and she became an IAS officer. 


She is in level 10 of the pay matrix, and the Indian government pays her RS- 56100 as a basic salary. However, after deducting HRA- 13464, Da- 9537, Ta- 3600, DAon TA-612, her gross salary was 83313.