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IAS Sarjana Yadav Age, Husband, Instagram , Biography, Salary In 2023

Meet IAS Sarjana Yadav: A Trailblazing Civil Servant Making Waves in 2023
IAS Sarjana Yadav Age, Husband, Instagram , Biography, Salary In 2023

You may be curious about the optimal preparation methods for the UPSC IAS Exam. Rest assured, you are not alone in this inquiry. Numerous approaches can lead to success in cracking the exam, and achieving a rank of 126 is one of them.

Sarjana Yadav, an accomplished IAS officer hailing from Delhi, India, serves as a testament to such possibilities. Remarkably, she managed to prepare for the UPSC exam without any formal coaching, even after attempting the exam three times. Through her unwavering dedication and determination, Sarjana accomplished an impressive feat this year by securing the 126th rank in the Civil Services Examination. Despite the challenges of studying independently, Sarjana triumphed in cracking the exam on her third try.

Sarjana Yadav


Sarjana Yadav's accomplishment in the examination has inspired numerous individuals to pursue a career in the civil service. However, the challenge lies in determining the path to reach the pinnacle of success. Undoubtedly, this endeavor is far from effortless. Simply appearing for the Civil Service Exam is not sufficient. It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations set by the UPSC. Only then can you have confidence in your potential for success. Additionally, leveraging the online test center for practice can prove beneficial in your preparation.

Sarjana Yadav

Father name- Aloke Yadav

mother name- Sulakha Yadav 

Brother name–Abhinav Yadav

height- 5.5 ft

age- 28 yr

Birthday/date- 16/10/1993

Cast- o.b.c

joining date- 12.10.2020

rank- Assistant Commissioner

Posting- Agmut, Bihar

Husband- Himanshu Jain


To successfully pass the exam, it is crucial to devise an effective strategy. Regularly engaging in mock tests and revisiting key concepts are essential components of this strategy. Despite not taking comprehensive notes on every subject, Sarjana achieved an IAS position within just three attempts. She dedicated three years of studying from home and an additional two years while simultaneously working. The utmost importance lies in practicing mock tests as they provide valuable insight into the examination format and expectations. By attempting mock tests, you can gain familiarity with the test environment and better prepare yourself for the actual examination.

Her class 10th and 12th Percentage


She achieved a remarkable 91% in her 10th class examinations, and further excelled with an impressive score of 95% in her class 12th examinations. Additionally, she distinguished herself as the top-ranking student in her school during the class 12th exams. Following her successful schooling, she enrolled in an engineering college in Delhi and successfully obtained her engineering degree.


How many attempts does she take to clear the upsc exam?

After failing to qualify for the Prelims examination in her initial attempt, she made the decision to give the UPSC exam another try. Determined to succeed, she devoted herself to rigorous preparation. Her efforts paid off in 2020 when she successfully cleared the UPSC exam, achieving an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 126.

Sarjana Yadav UPSC marksheet

Subject Marks
Essay (paper 1) 132
General Studies 1 (paper II) 102
General Studies 2 (paper III) 121
General Studies 3 (paper IV) 093
General Studies 4 (paper V) 162
Optional 1 (political science) (paper VI) 139
Optional 2( (political science) (paper VII) 107
Written Total 856
Personality Test 190
Final Total 1046

How she Studying at home

Sarjana Yadav, an aspiring IAS officer, pursued her studies from the comfort of her home. Instead of seeking coaching, she adopted a self-study approach. Sarjana's study method was straightforward but effective. She diligently engaged in numerous mock tests and maintained a regular revision of all the essential concepts. Her routine involved reading the daily newspaper, following diverse online sources, and meticulously creating electronic notes using Microsoft Word. To ensure systematic organization, Sarjana divided each subject into subfolders and maintained well-arranged notes categorized by subjects.

Sarjana Yadav with her family

Sarjana Yadav with her family

Gaining insights from a previously successful IAS officer who has cleared the exams can be a valuable approach. Alongside referring to books, Sarjana Yadav actively engaged with articles and responded to queries from her readers. She utilized an online forum to discover effective study tips for the IAS examination. Furthermore, her website includes interviews with accomplished IAS officers. In her initial interview, she shared her experiences of studying for the IAS at home and the valuable lessons she derived from them.

How she Making notes

Sarjana Yadav suggests a few valuable strategies for UPSC exam preparation. Firstly, she advises using concise study materials instead of overwhelming yourself with numerous books. Additionally, she recommends regularly taking mock tests to assess your progress and enhance your exam readiness. Staying updated on current affairs by reading daily newspapers is another crucial aspect of effective preparation. These strategies have proven to be highly effective in UPSC preparation, and if you find them useful, you can consider applying them to your upcoming UPSC examination.

Sarjana Yadav childhood picture

Childhood picture of sarjana yadav

Apart from the practice of note-taking, Sarjana recommends the practice of reviewing one's own written material. Nevertheless, this approach may not be applicable to all subjects. It is also essential to engage in mock tests and hone one's skills in answering questions. While it is recommended to take notes during lectures and tutorials, it is crucial not to dedicate all of one's time solely to this task. Instead, it is advisable to allocate time for revision. By dedicating a few hours per subject, one can effectively create notes that align with their study goals.

Sarjana Yadav Coaching

When it comes to preparing for the UPSC examination, there are two viable approaches: self-study and IAS coaching. In Sarjana's case, she personally chose to prepare without the aid of IAS coaching, emphasizing that the decision ultimately rests on the candidate's preferences. If a candidate feels inclined to opt for IAS coaching, they should go ahead with it. However, if they prefer self-study, it is deemed sufficient. Nevertheless, Sarjana acknowledges that under certain circumstances, such as feeling pressure, candidates may opt for coaching to receive additional assistance.

After completing her engineering degree, Sarjana Yadav began working at UPSC. Despite her initial attempts, she encountered failure twice in clearing the exam. Consequently, she made the decision to leave her job and pursue coaching. However, instead of enrolling in a coaching program, she embarked on self-preparation. Additionally, she maintained a habit of reading newspapers daily to stay well-informed about current affairs. Sarjana's strategy revolves around prioritizing the individual's needs. She firmly believes that it is more beneficial to study effectively with a lesser quantity of material rather than burdening oneself with excessive studying, as it can negatively impact the overall score.

How Sarjana Yadav prepared for prelims & booklist & advice

She emphasized the significance of current affairs for the preliminary examination and focused on two main activities to stay updated: reading the Hindustan newspaper and watching videos on Insight YouTube channels. To organize her knowledge, she utilized Microsoft Word to create digital notes.

Regarding her approach to polity, she solely relied on Lakshmi Kanth's Indian polity book as her primary source of information. Due to finding polity challenging to comprehend, she repeatedly read and practiced this book to enhance her understanding.

For modern history, she followed the common practice among UPSC students by studying Spectrum's A Brief History of Modern India. She considered this book as her go-to resource and also referred to Bipan Chandra's History of Modern India. She made comprehensive notes based on these readings.

In terms of current affairs, she consistently read The Hindu newspaper throughout her UPSC preparation. To supplement her knowledge, she relied on Insights IAS' daily current affairs. She recommended revising these materials at least twice a week.

Regarding art and culture, she followed Nitin Singhania's Indian Art and Culture book. However, she noted that the book contained excessive information, prompting her to create concise notes based on the relevant content.

For science and technology, she primarily relied on online resources instead of books. She extensively researched various sources on the internet and compiled notes accordingly. She emphasized that current affairs played a vital role in this subject, suggesting the importance of reviewing previous year's question papers to understand the question patterns and gain general knowledge.

In terms of the environment, she, like other students, preferred Shankar IAS' book as a reference. Once again, she stressed the significance of incorporating current affairs into the study of this subject.

Sarjana Yadav allocation

How she prepared for Mains 

In terms of answer writing, she emphasized the importance of addressing all the questions thoroughly. She recommended allocating a maximum of 7 minutes to answer a 10-mark question, emphasizing the need to improve one's handwriting speed.

During her UPSC preparation, she conducted a self-assessment of her handwriting speed using a stopwatch. Initially, it took her 11 to 15 minutes to answer a 10-mark question, but through consistent practice, she managed to reduce the time.

Considering word limits is another crucial aspect. For a 10-mark question, she advised aiming to write around 150 to 165 words, staying within the prescribed limit.

As for her optional subject, she chose Sociology, and she sought assistance from her father, who also attempted the UPSC exam but was unsuccessful.

Sarjana Yadav current post and ranking 

Her current posting was in agmut, Bihar district. She holds the rank of  Assistance commissioner of agmut.

Sarjana Yadav salary & net worth 

Sarjana Yadav salary

Right now sarjana Yadav is in level 10 pay matrix she gets RS-56,100 as her basic pay + Hra -Rs-13,464, DA- RS-9,537, Ta- RS- 3,600, da on ta- rs- 612. so her gross salary was 83313. 

Sarjana Yadav husband, age, date of birth, education, occupation, posting, rank

Sarjana Yadav with himanshu jain

Sarjana Yadav and Himanshu Jain, both belonging to the same IAS batch, announced their engagement on June 25, 2022. Despite being in the same batch, Himanshu Yadav is also an IAS officer. They first met during their IAS training at LBSNAA, where their love blossomed, leading them to make the decision to get engaged.

Sarjana Yadav’s husband Age– 27 (as per 2023)

Date of birth- 02.11.1996

Education- Graduate

Occupation- IAS

Posting- Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh.

Rank- (IAS) Assistant Collector