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IAS Shubham Kumar UPSC Marksheet, Age, Wikipedia, Bio In 2023

IAS Shubham Kumar Shines in UPSC 2023: Impressive Marksheet, Inspiring Journey
IAS Shubham Kumar UPSC Marksheet, Age, Wikipedia, Bio In 2023

Curious about Shubham Kumar's Remarkable Journey from US Researcher to Successful IAS Officer? Discover the Inspiring Story of his Third Attempt Success in UPSC 2020 Exam, as we delve into his Determination, Ambitions, and Achievements. Prepare to be Amazed by Shubham's Extraordinary Triumphs.

Shubham Kumar Biography & Wikipedia 

Enthusiastic followers of IAS officers should delve into the life and professional journey of Shubham Kumar. Hailing from Kumhari village in Katihar district, Bihar, Shubham is the son of Devnad Singh, a banker serving as a branch manager at Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank, and his mother, Poonam Devi, a talented homemaker.

Subham Kumar family

Hailing from a humble village in Bihar, Shubham Kumar accomplished his primary and 10th-grade education at a local school in Bihar, achieving an impressive 94% score in the class 10th examination. Continuing his educational journey, he pursued his senior secondary education in Bokaro, Jharkhand, setting a school-level record with an outstanding 97% in class 12th. Subsequently, he secured admission to IIT Bombay to pursue engineering after ranking 219th in the engineering entrance examination in 2012. Graduating with a B.Tech in civil engineering, Shubham Kumar excelled in his academic pursuits at IIT Bombay.

Father name- Devnad Singh

Mother name- Poonam Devi

age- 14.02.1997

Date of birth- 25 yr (as per 2022)

cast- S.C

date of joining- 05.12.2021

Id number- 120D01

Contact- 94256*****

Subham Kumar UPSC preparation and booklist and advice

Binod Bosak, hailing from a farming background, experienced a profound shock upon learning that his son, Anil, secured the top position in the UPSC civil services exam on his third attempt. Anil, an IIT Delhi graduate, demonstrated persistence and cleared the exam after two previous tries. As per the UPSC regulations, candidates are allowed up to six attempts until the age of 32, nine attempts for OBC candidates, and unlimited chances for SC/ST candidates.

The UPSC has recently announced the results of the Civil Services Examination 2020, which took place from 8th to 17th January 2020. Subham, who had chosen anthropology as his optional paper, was already undergoing training for the exam in Pune during the examination period. The subsequent interview rounds were held on 2nd August and 22nd September. Nitish Kumar, the Union Personnel Minister, took to Twitter to extend his congratulations to the successful candidates.

For history (GS1), Shubham Kumar's primary resource was Spectrum, specifically focusing on modern Indian history. He relied heavily on Vision IAS notes. His booklist was concise. When it came to polity, he relied on coaching class notes along with Laxmikant's book on polity.

In the CSAT paper, during his initial attempt at the UPSC exam, Shubham managed to solve only 65 questions. In his second attempt, he attempted only fifty questions.

For the Mains examination, in his second attempt, Shubham thoroughly analyzed the previous year's question papers. He noticed that UPSC repeats a significant number of questions from previous years, prompting him to study the question papers from 2013 to 2019.

Regarding ethics, Shubham once again relied on coaching class notes. He diligently made notes on case studies and discussed them with his friends to gain insights into various ethical scenarios.

How does he prepare for current affairs?

For current affairs, he relies on two newspapers, namely The Hindu and Indian Express. During the initial phase of his preparation, he takes notes from these newspapers. He also makes use of the Mains 365 magazine provided by his coaching institute.

As for his optional subject, he has chosen Social Science. Since he studied sociology in college and social science is an integral part of sociology, he opted for this subject as his optional. However, for anthropology, he didn't refer to any specific books but instead relied on notes from toppers and Vision IAS.

Subham Kumar

He is a hard worker

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How did he handle his failure and negativity, and overcome it?

Upon arriving in Delhi for UPSC preparation, Shubham Kumar encountered various challenges. One particular obstacle was his limited understanding of the English language, which posed difficulties when reading newspapers as he often encountered unfamiliar words. To overcome this hurdle, he devised a solution by creating a diary to jot down unfamiliar words along with their meanings. As time went on, he transitioned to using Google Sheets to expand his vocabulary further.

Subham Kumar’s rank and posting

UPSC or the Indian government did not allocate him right now because he in on his training period in lbsnaa

 Subham Kumar Salary & Networth 

Subham Kumar salary

Right now he is in his training period, still, he is getting his salary according to the level 10 pay matrix so his basic pay was 67,700 and if we calculate his allowances then it will be 99,669. 

He wants to work for the holistic upliftment of rural India

In a recent interview, Shubham Kumar IAS expressed his strong desire to contribute towards the rural development of India. While his preference lies with joining the Bihar cadre, he remains open to considering other cadres due to the pending cadre allocation by the UPSC. With a firm belief in supporting the rural sector, Shubham envisions a career as an IAS officer dedicated to its advancement. Despite initial setbacks, Shubham's perseverance paid off when he secured the top position in the UPSC exam, leading to his qualification for the Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS). Opting for anthropology as his optional subject in the mains, he achieved a commendable rank of 290th. Shubham's deep passion for rural India has been a driving force behind his academic and personal accomplishments.

Subham Kumar girlfriend

Subham Kumar wife & husband

As of now, Shubham Kumar remains unmarried, although there have been reports suggesting that he may have a girlfriend. However, no specific details or information regarding her name or any other specifics are known at this time.