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SSC English Short Suggestion 2024, SSC Eng First & Second Paper

All About SSC English Paper
SSC Exam

First and second papers for the SSC English Short Suggestion Exam in 2024. Every student aspires to higher SSC scores. Thus, they require clear instructions. Prior to the exam, they require the ideal recommendation. As a result, we discover an excellent and superior recommendation for students. We hope that our recommendation will spread widely. This SSC English Short Suggestion is excellent.

Question Pattern for SSC English First Paper
NCTB. Syllabus for SSC English First Paper provided. Adhere to the SSC question format provided.Seven questions make up the part-reading. Questions #1 and #2 will be based on the first seen passage. The right response to question number one earns seven marks. In question no. (2), there are five questions with a total of two marks (5 X 215 = 10 marks); in question no. (3), there is a fill-in-the-blank option based on comprehension, with five marks. Question number four will transfer information worth five marks, while question number five will summarize information worth ten marks from Unseen Passage two.Answer key: (6) matching: five correct answers out of five earn five points. Rearranging Question No. 7 earns 8 points.

Maharashtra 10th SSC Board English Question Paper 2023, 2022, 2020, 2019,  2018 PDF Download

First paper in English: Short Suggestion 2024

This paper  contains Comprehension 

Some Important Paragraph Writing suggestions


2.National Flag
3. School Magazine

4.Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

5.Gender Inequality at Work – Place

6.Pollution in India

8.Climate Change


10.Global Warming and its Impact.

Completing Story Writing

1.The river god and the woodsman.
2Slow and steady wins the race (hare and tortoise)
3The old farmer & his quarrelling sons/Hidden treasure
4.A fox without a tail, or a fox that lost its tail

5.A thirsty crow

Short Suggestion Grammar for the Second English Paper 
Grammar should be practiced by all students.

Writing a CV 
1. For the Marketing Manager position; 2. For the English Teacher position; 3. For the Medical Representative position
4. Computer Operator Post
5. The position of assistant librarian.

official letter or application 
1. Prayer for a place to stay in the school hostel 2. Prayer for those affected by the floods
3. Asking God to lead you on a study journey; 4. Establishing a canteen
5. Requesting a testimonial

Composing a paragraph 
1. A Tee Stall 2. A Puller of Rickshaws
3. A soggy day 4. A night under the stars
5. Getting Up Early