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Top 5 Hindi Poetry Books To Read In 2023


Here are the top 5 hindi poetry books to read in 2023

Paji Nazmein by Gulzar

The title comes from the king of Shayari and Ghazals himself, and it is a superb compilation of his greatest works. Whether you're a fan or not, this is a must-read. Because some books must be read and drank regardless of whether you are thirsty or not, don't you think?

paji najmein

 Naraz by Rahat Indori

Iconic Sufism characterised this soulful poetry gathering from the master himself. If you like Sufi jewellery, this is the one to get. Sayoneeee!!

Sufism- a true representation of love and all emotions in their purest, deepest form...

ख़ुदा दराज़ करे उम्र मेरे दुश्मन की,

कोई तो है  जो  मुझे याद  करने  वाला है।

जाने कब सच का सामना हो जाए

कोई रास्ता निकाल रक्खा करो,

सुलह करते रहा करो हर पल

दुश्मनो को निढाल रक्ख करो,

ख़ाली ख़ाली उदास उदास आँखो

इन में कुछ ख़्वाब पाल रक्ख करो।

 Ameeq's Furqat Ke Raat Din by Amit Shrivastava

An assimilation promises depth, intensity, emotion, sensibility, and beautiful writing, among other things. An iconic debut, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys Hindi Urdu poetry.

This is a cathartic ensemble that is additionally intense, sophisticated, and intricate.

Ameeq's unique style of writing is as reviving as dew, as fragrant as the first rains, and as beautiful as newly emerged shoots.

Dr Kumar Vishwas's Koi Deewana Kehta Hai

Dr. Kumar's book is a collection of not only the best poems, mini songs, the micro poetry, and Kataats, but also a bouquet of wonderful springs in the form of words.

Karta Ne Karm Se by Manav Kaul

मैं पतंग हूँ जिसे अपने उड़ने पर गुमान है

क्योंकि मेरे सामने हँसता मुस्कुराता आसमान है

क्या तुम वो धागा हो जिससे मैं बंधा हूँ

या वह हाथ जिससे मैं सधा हूँ

जब कट जाऊँगा तो बहुत दुख होगा

पर इसमें कसूर किसका होगा?’

This is yet another excellent compilation that is akin to an enjoyable journey with intricate, delicate pieces of writing embellishing it. Manav Kaul's writing will undoubtedly tug at any poetry lover's heartstrings.

So, there you have it: a list of some Hindi Urdu poetry books that we at Booxoul would like to recommend to you. Dive deeply into the oceans of these captivating musings, and prepare to become lost in the creases of their words, wading deep into the emotional vibrations they present, and taking you through the Sands of time.