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Top Advantages & Disadvantages of Computers You Should Be Aware About



Computers are widely used in every area. It makes the work easy. Nowadays everyone owns a computer. So here in this article, we will talk about various advantages and disadvantages of computers.

What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that operates on data, analyses it, and then applies a predefined set of instructions on it to produce some kind of output.

It can perform mathematical as well as non-mathematical operations. This means that it cannot only perform arithmetic operations like sum, divide, subtract, multiply, etc. but also can take logical decisions like whether a number is greater than 10 or not.


Advantages of Computer 

  • Speed: A computer performs operations at a very high speed. You can get your desired results within a few seconds.

  • Automatic: Given a job, a computer can work on it automatically without human intervention.

  • Accuracy: A computer is a device that always produces accurate results when valid data and instructions are added to it.

  • Never gets tired: Computers are free from tiredness and lack of concentration. It can Continuously work for hours without creating any errors.

  • Large storage Capacity: A computer has a large storage capacity, it can store huge amounts of data.

  • Versatility/Multitasking: A computer is a versatile machine. It can do several jobs depending on the instructions given to it.

Disadvantages of Computer

  • Health Risks

# Improper posture while sitting in front of computers can result in back pain.

# Continuously working on computers can affect our eyes.

# Children fond of computer games can become computer addicts.

  • Virus and Hacking Attacks: Viruses are computer programs developed to damage or steal your personal information. Viruses are usually transferred via email, internet downloads, or removable devices.

  • People Losing Jobs: Nowadays many companies work with automated machinery that works with the help of computers. So those people who don't know much about computers have a fear of losing jobs.

  • High cost: Computers are expensive. Ever the foremost affordable computers. are still very expensive.

  • Distractions: If the computer is used without a schedule, it is not good for studies and health. Because of its high entertainment value, we can recognize how distracting computers can be.

  • Spread of false OR inappropriate Content: Not every piece of information on the internet is true. Many sites provide inappropriate content and there are no restrictions.

  • Negative impact on the Environment: The computer manufacturing process produces a lot of waste products. Such wastes can release hazardous toxic materials that affect the environment.