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What is CA Articleship?


A period of training required to become a Chartered Accountant is known as an articleship. Typically, the articleship period is completed after graduation but before becoming a CA. The Articleship lasts three years.

Articleship is a training program that is required of all CA students. The term comes from the word "articles," which refers to a written document that governs a contract between two parties. The term "articleship" refers to a training program that exposes students to the real world of accounting and finance. The training exposes candidates to various aspects of accounting and finance, such as auditing and taxation. Students gain practical experience, meet new people, gain knowledge, and develop the skills needed to become chartered accountants. During this time, the trainee works as an articled clerk or articleship trainee under supervision.


To apply for Articleship, students must meet the CA Articleship eligibility criteria. The eligibility requirements for CA Foundation Route and Direct Entry Route students differ.

CA Foundation Route: According to the current curriculum format, a student from the CA Foundation Route must meet the following criteria in order to begin his/her articleship:

  • Must have passed one or both groups of CA Intermediate exams, as well as the four-week Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS).
  • Route of Direct Entry: Direct Route candidates, on the other hand, can begin the articleship after meeting the following criteria:
    Commerce stream graduates and post-graduates who have obtained a minimum of 55 percent marks or other stream graduates who have received a minimum of 60 percent can commence the articleship/practical training after registering for CA Intermediate Course, and
    Candidates must have completed the four-week Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS).

Why is it important?

CA Articleship is one of the most important stages in the CA journey. In today's world of intense competition, everyone needs to excel in their respective fields; and articleship can provide the necessary practical exposure to the profession. Some of the most important things you can learn during your articleship are:

  • Developing a professional demeanor

  • Time administration

  • In-depth practical knowledge of the subject while carrying out day-to-day tasks Improved communication skills and client-handling experience

  • enhanced presentation abilities

  • Capability to deal with difficult situations and develop a problem-solving attitude