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Ankur Warikoo's Net Worth, Biography & Other Facts

Ankur Warikoo describes himself as an entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and public speaker on his LinkedIn page. He actively mentors and advises businesses and entrepreneurs in addition to producing material and teaching students through his courses.

Qualification Education

Ankur Warikoo attended Don Bosco School in New Delhi from 1986 to 1998. He graduated from high school in the science stream after this. He later studied a BSC in Physics at Hindu College in the class of 1998–2001, and he continued to be active in both his high school and college's debate and public speaking societies. From 2002 to 2004, he studied for an MS in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Michigan State University. In addition, he studied for his MBA in Finance at the Indian School of Business in 2005–2006. He now holds two master's degrees.

Work experience and Career

Ankur Warikko has a wealth of expertise working for many businesses and startups. His career as a consultant with NIS Sparta was where he got his start. He spent more than a year working at NIS Sparta before switching to A.T. as an Associate. Kearney. He worked with A.T. Kearney for three years, from 2006 to 2009, managing several projects for various sectors as a member of the Consulting Team. He also co-founded Acentium Web, where he initially worked part-time for 2 years until switching to full-time in 2009. He spent more than a year working as a Venture Partner with Rocket Internet Gmbh after leaving Accentium Web. He afterwards continued in his position as Groupon's CEO in India.


The estimated range of Ankur Warikoo's net worth or income is $1 million to $5 million. He has amassed considerable money thanks to his principal occupation as an executive.

Ankur Warikoo Family, Wife

Vidur is the name of the kid that Ankur Warikoo and Ruchi Budhiraja Warikoo had together. He had a great timeline up to this point; he worked for a number of businesses and co-founded some of them. He runs a prosperous business and maintains the website A popular blogger and public speaker, as well.

Ankur Warikoo Website

Ankur Warikoo effectively manages his website under the URL It's a website with many different sections and subjects. He talks about coaching, mentoring, and investing. He offers blogs, books, videos, newsletters, and a set number of courses that you can enrol in.

Ankur Warikoo YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel called Warikoo is expanding, and it currently has 707K subscribers. Ankur Warikoo posts videos there about businesses, careers, and personal finance. He created a number of playlists on topics including insurance, businesses, employment, cryptocurrencies, and the list goes on.