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Avadh Ojha's Age, Net Worth, Biography & Other Details

Avadh Ojha is an entrepreneur, career counsellor, educator, and YouTuber from India. Avadh Ojha is highly recognised for his instructional and seminar films that he publishes to his YouTube account. He is also the creator of "IQRA IAS." 


The best instructor in India for the History Optional Upsc is Avadh Ojha Sir. Therefore, his salary must be around 5 lakh.

Net Worth

₹50 lakh approx

Social Media Accounts 

Youtube : IQRA
Instagram : ray.avadhojha
Twitter : kafiravadh 


  • Ojha Sir is a senior history professor at Vajiram and Ravi.
  • Mr. Ojha is a lawyer by trade and has more than 15 years of experience in civil service coaching. He has coached several students who have achieved single-digit rankings, such as Pradeep Singh, who received a UPSC AIR 29 in 2019.
  • He runs the "Ray Avadh Ojha" YouTube channel.