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Vijay Chauhan's Bio, Net Worth, Family & Other Details

Vijay Chauhan's Bio, Net Worth, Family & Other Details

Today, we're going to publish all the information about Vijay Chauhan in this post, including his biography, networth, and a list of his top songs.

Early Life

Vijay Chauhan is renowned for his tone and composition. The Siwan district of Bihar is home to Vijay Chauhan. Khardara Nonia Tola is where Vijay Chauhan's home is located. The song "Apni To Jaise Taise" by Khesari Lal Yadav has been seen more than 100 million times as of this writing. Vijay Chauhan wrote the song's soundtrack. Vijay Chauhan is from an extremely low-income household. Vijay Chauhan has been singing in Kirtan and Ashtjam with his maternal uncle since he was a young boy. He expressed interest in working on a Bhojpuri record as a result of singing and performing with his maternal uncle in numerous shows, but in his early years, he had a very difficult time making ends meet.


According to rumours, he first travelled to Sitamarhi for his debut album and worked at a local recording facility. They used to spend their evenings at the railroad station back then since they didn't have the necessary supplies with them.


His parents adore their son Vijay Chauhan. Vijay Chauhan's parents were overjoyed to see him go for a career in music and singing. We did not find a lot of information on his family throughout our study.


The well-known music director Arya Sharma is to be credited for launching Vijay Chauhan's career. Arya Sharma heard the song "Goriya Tu Kahe Bewafa Bhailu" by Vijay Chauhan and inquired about the location of Chandan, Vijay Chauhan's companion. Arya Sharma, who at the time worked as a cameraman and video editor, was not a music director either. Due to Vijay Chauhan's excellent voice, Arya Sharma invited him to Patna, where he personally oversaw the recording of roughly 12 of the singer's songs. After that, Arya Sharma began keeping Vijay Chauhan with him.

Girlfriend / Wife

Regarding Vijay Chauhan's marital status, he has not yet wed. The recent dispute involving Bhojpuri artistes has revealed that Vijay Chauhan is Shilpi Raj's lover. Shilpi Raj's ex-husband Vivek Kumar Patel revealed this information during a Facebook Live video, and if it is accurate, Shilpi Raj and Vijay Chauhan will get married soon.

Net Worth


Hit Songs List

  • Naya Dole between the river

  • changed head

  • like yours
  • Pardesiya Khesari Lal Yadav
  • blueprint
  • Laika has become very gory
  • marigold flower bhojpuri version
  • Marle ba jaan tohar aankh ke kajrawa ho
  • kicky
  • Neelam Kahe Chilam Dharailu
  • oh jasmine