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Santoor Mom Rachna Age, Instagram, Biography, Height, Net Worth, Family

Santoor Rachna Mom

As of now, the realm of social media has witnessed the rise of numerous individuals achieving fame through various content genres. Among these emerging figures is a noteworthy pair, a mother and son duo, sparking discussions and opinions. The couple, known by the reel name "Rachna," has garnered both admiration and criticism for their viral videos, often perceived by some as romantic rather than familial.

Rachna, also recognized as "Santoor Mumma," is a renowned social media influencer, model, and YouTuber. Born in 1986 in New Delhi, India, she is currently 36 years old. Despite her age, Rachna maintains a youthful appearance, attributing it to her early marriage at 16 and the birth of twin children, Rudra and Riddi, by the age of 18.

Santoor Rachna
Her journey into the world of social media commenced with TikTok, where she created diverse content, including skincare tips, fitness routines, and humorous lip-syncs. However, facing limited success, she transitioned to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rachna found her breakthrough when a video featuring her and her son went viral, prompting her to explore content creation centered around their unique mother-son dynamic. Despite gaining popularity, the pair faced criticism, with some viewers questioning the appropriateness of their videos. In response, Rachna addressed the concerns, emphasizing her close and friendly relationship with her children.

Rachna's resilience prevailed as she embraced her popularity and ventured into modeling, featuring in advertisements for clothing and beauty brands. Known for her commitment to fitness and maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle, she has earned the moniker "Santoor Mumma."

Key Information about Rachna:

Personal Life:

- Date of Birth: 1986 (Not Confirmed)
- Age (as of 2023): 36 years
- Birthplace: New Delhi, India
- Nationality: Indian
- Religion: Hinduism
- Zodiac Sign: Libra
- Food Habit: Vegetarian
- Educational Qualification: Graduated

Physical Stats:

- Height: 5' 4'' (164 cm)
- Weight: 55 kg
- Body Measurements: 34-28-34
- Hair Color: Black
- Eye Color: Black


- Father: Name Not Known
- Mother: Name Not Known
- Children: Rudra & Riddi


- Profession: Model, Social Media Influencer, & YouTuber
- Notable for making videos with her son on her Instagram account
- Net Worth/Salary (Approx.): INR 50 - 60 Lakhs

Unknown Facts About Rachna:

- Married at 16 to an older spouse
- Gave birth to twins at 18
- Actively engaged in modeling for clothing and beauty brands
- Advocates for fitness and skincare
- Maintains a close and friendly relationship with her children.


1. Who is Rachna (Santoor Mumma)?
   - Rachna is a renowned social media influencer, model, and YouTuber, recognized for creating content with her son on her Instagram account.

2. What is Rachna's age?
   - Rachna is 36 years old.

3. What is Rachna's net worth?
   - Estimated at INR 50 - 60 Lakhs.

4. What is Rachna's husband's name?
   - Not known (Information pending).

5. What are the names of Rachna's children?
   - Rudra & Riddi.

For more details, follow Rachna on her social media platforms.