10 Beauty Essentials You MUST Keep In Your Bag

They say a lot can be deduced about a woman from the contents of her bag. We girls need huge, spacious bags to carry all our belongings with us and when it comes to our beauty essentials, we have to make sure everything is in the bag before heading out for the day. But sometimes it becomes so hard to decide what we really need and what we don’t. We must also not forget to keep our bags lightweight, which means we can’t take everything with us. Thus, to help you with the tedious job of packing, I have come up with an exhaustive list of 10 beauty essentials that must be in your bag when you’re getting ready to go out. Let’s get started, then!


Our pick: Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

This one is simply vital. Have a concealer readily available to cover dark circles, imperfections, redness, and even out discoloration. You have to look for a concealer with a doe-foot applicator so you'll easily apply product on-the-go. With a concealer, you can fool people into believing you had a nice, deep sleep last night even if you were up till 3:00 am binge-watching your favorite show!

Hand cream

Our pick: Dove Coconut Hand Cream

We use our delicate hands all day, so it’s important to show them some love and make a habit of regularly applying the cream. Keep the hand cream in your handbag and apply it after washing your hands at regular intervals, throughout the day. Please do remember that washing our hands for too many times can cause the skin to age very quickly and become wrinkled, so you need to be careful in that respect.

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Lip balm

Our pick: Lakme Lip Love Chapstick

Save yourself from dry, flaky lips by carrying this nourishing salve with you. Try to look for one with moisture-rich ingredients like shea butter and Vit. E which can leave your lips soft and plump. A tinted lip balm will provide you with a touch of color which saves you the requirement to hold another lip product.

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Makeup mirror

Our pick: Simxen Compact Travel Makeup Mirror

You never know when you might be in need of a portable makeup mirror! Whether you wish to retouch your makeup on the train or check your contouring before you head to dinner, keeping a mirror with you may be a superb idea. If you think your lipstick has become faded, take out the mirror, give your lips a new coating, and there, you’re ready to go! You can’t be sure if the place where you are going to has a mirror, so the best option is to carry one wherever you go!

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Our pick: Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick

A woman’s favourite lipstick is that the easiest method to embellish the face and also add a touch of color to the personality, it’s the best pick-me-up. Bright red lipstick is all you need to add a bit of oomph to your aura and make heads turn towards you in the room, so never forget to carry this beauty essential with you.

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BB cream

Our pick: Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream

The multi-tasker BB cream does it all, from moisturizing the skin to hiding unwanted blemishes and giving the required coverage. It’s best to keep one at hand because your skin needs a lot of care and you cannot avoid it, can you? The BB cream gives that much-needed care to your skin and it is small and portable, so you can carry it with you, wherever you go!

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Face wash

Our pick: Lakme Blush & Glow Berry Smash Gel Face Wash

An absolute necessity for all the women out there. Clean skin is healthy skin and keeping a face wash handy is crucial. Refresh your skin on a hot day or just wash traces of pollution from the skin wherever you're together with your trusty face wash.

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Our pick: Yardley London Autumn Bloom Compact Perfume for Women

Smelling good is that the surest thanks to uplift the mood and boost confidence. A spritz of fine perfume can make your day and ladies will leave no stone unturned to make sure their fragrance is noticed.

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Our pick: KeepSafe Instant Hand Sanitizer

This is a must during the time that we are living in. While we are busy shopping outside, commuting to the office or perhaps using our phones, we're blissfully unaware of the health hazards posed by countless germs around us. Carrying a hand sanitizer is the best way to ensure one is free from the attack of germs.

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Oil blotting sheets

Our pick: MINISO Blotting Papers/Sheets For Oily Skin

Whether you have got oily or dry skin, these sheets will help keep your face clean, bright, and shiny. These sheets come with a cleaning liquid that feels so cool on the face and gives a natural glow to it by blotting out all the duct, oil, and grime that had collected in the skin pores. Don’t forget that you still have to use a face wash for deeper cleansing, but these sheets are perfect for a quick wipe.

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Thus, we come to the end of our “top essentials” list. Hope this will help you organize your travel bag with more clarity and in less time. If this article came to your use, spread the word and share this with your friends! Please comment below to let me if you would like for some other products to be added to this list. Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

Author: Riddhi M. is a pre-med student from India who is obsessed with health and fitness. She lives with her five kittens and when she’s not reading thrillers or writing blog posts, you can find her having momos or playing chess online.

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