10 Signs Suggesting That You Are The ‘Culprit’ For Turning Your Relationship Toxic

Do you contantly pass judgements on your partner? You may be guilty of turning your relationship toxic says Mahek!

A Toxic relationship is not a phase in your relationship but a disaster that needs to be managed immediately and if not managed at the right time then your relationship will end disastrously. Relationships can never be gauged as toxic after a particular fight or an event as relationships evolve. They change, sometimes they crash and they burn. In a #toxic #relationship, mostly one person is more toxic than the other or he/she is the culprit for turning their relationship toxic. Here are some of the #signs verifying your doubt of being the cause for your toxic relationship.

1) Constant Judgments Passed By You.

In a healthy relationship, both people need their turn at being the supported and supporter. If you constantly pass judgments on simplest of the actions of your partner. Your relationship is most likely to evolve in a toxic one. For instance, if your partner has planned a dinner date for you after very long then you instead of being happy thinks that something may be fishy. Your judgments will make your partner overthink before doing anything for you. This indicates that a toxic dynamic is starting to take hold in your relationship.

2) No Room For ‘Privacy’

Unless your partner has done something to you that he/she shouldn’t have, like a fling or something, then he/she deserves to be trusted. Everybody deserves some level of privacy and healthy relationships can trust that this won’t be misused. If you constantly go through your partner’s receipts, phone bills, text messages. Then it’s demeaning. And may be its time to call the quits.

3) You Being Narcissistic All the Time.

Narcissists are extremely self-serving and feel no remorse when they hurt others, which makes them toxic as an individual. If you are aware of what your partner does to you and not aware of what you do to them then you are toxic person in your relationship. As your narcissistic attitude will make your partner underestimate his/her actions.

4) You Considering ‘NO’ As An Unacceptable Word.

‘NO’ is an important word in any relationship. Don’t gauge it in your relationship in the name of love. Healthy relationships respect the needs and wants of both the people romantically involved. Listening to your partner’s dissent on things is as important as listening to their consent on different issues. Being a loving partner you will respect that your partner is not going to agree with everything you say. And if you don’t follow the same then you are surely the person responsible for turning your relationship toxic.

5) Guilt Tripping Your Partner.

A lot of once-healthy relationships stop being healthy because one partner starts having a need to manipulate their partner or control them. If you find that you’re always trying to manipulate things it could be sign of a toxic relationship. If you try to gaslight your relationship. Then it might cause destruction in your relationship. As gas lighting is when you accuse your loved one of being crazy or paranoid to keep them off your trail of lies.

6) You’re Constantly Threatening To Breakup.

People use threats as a way to get their partner in line. If you do the same then, that’s a sign of a toxic relationship. Threats of taking a break or ending the relationship aren’t going to solve the basics of your problems. Instead, these threats will make your relationship more complicated than ever as your partner will stay puzzled about your take in the relationship and will do everything not out of love but fear of your threats.

7) No Efforts From Your Side.

When relationship becomes all about expecting and giving nothing for you. Then, it’s a sign that you are sowing seeds of toxicity in your relationship. As doing things for your partner is very healthy. When you make no effort to love them, spend time with them, share the things that are important to you, stop trying to make your partner feel special personally and publicly. There comes a point where you partner starts feeling insecure of your strange behavior and there grows a toxic relationship.

8) You’re Boil-Headed.

You may think that being short-tempered is so normal with everyone. But think if its normal to become angry over small issues with your partner. The answer is No. As it could be the sign of you giving rise to toxicity in your relationship. One wrong move and suddenly you snap and blurt nasty remarks you don’t mean. Again this may seem to be very basic problem in a relationship but it’s the biggest one as it makes your partner feel inferior and disrespected. And self-esteem is way more important than a relationship for every individual.

9) You Becoming A Bad Listener.

A healthy relationship will turn toxic the minute you stop listening to your partner. It’s a fact. When communication dies, there’s virtually no chance of anything getting better. If your partner tries to explain things to you and you have developed a listening block. Then, your relationship didn’t just get toxic but faced an unnoticed death.

10) You Abusing Your Partner Physically Or Verbally.

. These abuses are non-negotiable deal breakers for turning your relationship towards extreme toxicity. If you are the one abusing your partner physically or verbally then you never respected your partner enough. And this becomes a sign as strong as an acid that you have crossed all the boundaries of dignity in your relationship.

- Mahek Chotrani

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