10 Tips To Shed Off The Extra Pounds Which Actually Work

Are you desperately trying to rid off those extra pounds? Here is a list of 10 easy to use tips which actually work!

There are a lot of people aiming for weight loss but there are a lot more who failed even after practicing various methods of weight loss. Did you ever find yourself thinking, why is losing weight so hard? Well, check these out!

There are a lot of easy tips or hacks which will guarantee your weight loss if practiced regularly. The only task here is being patient. Here come the 10 weight loss tips that will show a significant difference in your weight.

1) Drink Green Tea/ Clove water/ Hot water:

Drinking hot liquids after having food or early in the morning helps in losing a lot of weight. Especially green tea plays a vital role in weight loss. Green tea increases metabolism. It will give the best results if consumed before working out. Greater metabolism makes the process easier. If not green tea a lot of other hot beverages like clove water and mint water help you lose weight. Hot water after every meal helps in proper digestion hence aids in weight loss. Avoid milk and dairy products.

2) Use Workout Apps:

 Who will deny other than workout freaks that exercising or working out is one of the most difficult things in this world? But is it really true? The users of these apps deny it. Yes, there are a few apps that contain a set of workouts for a certain period of time. Their intensity increases gradually. They also provide guidance while working out. These exercises feel like a piece of cake. The most interesting part of these apps is less time consumption. The exercises and workouts take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes per day. Doesn't this feel easy? They also provide various stretching exercises that relax you pre and post workouts.

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3) Do Japanese Breathing Exercise:

This exercise is also known as a long breath diet by Ryosuke. This focuses on burning belly fat. This is a simple 2-minute exercise that should be done every morning. you should stand and inhale for 3 seconds and exhale strongly for 7 seconds. It's said that more than 13 kilos can be lost if this exercise is practiced everyday. 2 minutes per day can help you reach your goal weight. How amazing it is?

4) Use A Water Bottle & Carry It Everywhere:

There are a lot of people who don't drink water because they are lazy to get some from the kitchen. Are you one of those? Just carry a water bottle. It is observed that when a water bottle is handy a person tends to drink more water compared with when not. And keep filling it. Also, use a bottle that steals your attention and keep changing it with others once in a while. This will help you lose water weight. Many people face water retention which makes them look fatter than they should be. To avoid this, an adequate amount of water should be consumed daily.

5) Practice One Serving:

Eating a lot is definitely one of the reasons for weight gain, but there are a lot of food lovers who just can't diet. Eating salads and fruits is really a hard task for a lot of people. But they can definitely regulate their food intake by this method. Firstly reduce the size of the plate, not tiny but not huge. Consume anything in a single serving. Put all the food you wish to eat for that meal on your plate once. No second serving however good the food may taste. If practiced properly this will show a huge impact on your food habits and you will get used to consuming lesser than usual.

6) Drink Apple Cider Vinegar:

Consuming one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of hot water will show a significant change in the weight. Apple cider vinegar apart from increasing metabolism also burns fat. The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar helps increasing genes responsible for fat burning. Also, this suppresses the appetite and reduces fat storage in the body. This also works as a home remedy to treat obesity.

7) Dance It Off:

 Many people feel working out is hard and get bored after somedays but who doesn't like grooving to some upbeat music? Dance whenever you are free, this can be considered as a type of workout. Dancing makes you sweat a lot. And if done regularly you can burn off all those extra pounds on you. It is also fun and if possible form a group and dance together.

8) Sleep In Complete Darkness:

Sleeping properly is one of the most important requirements to manage weight. But sleeping in absolute darkness helps in losing weight quickly. Research says when slept in darkness, our brain produces a hormone called melatonin. This especially promotes weight loss. So no more lamp while sleeping.

9) Cry When You Are Sad: 

 You might be thinking about what help does crying do? It just weakens people. That's not true! When sad or stressed a hormone named cortisol is produced. It gives anxiety as well as promotes weight gain. But studies show that when cried, the brain produces oxytocin and endorphins. These are happy hormones and they make you active and helps in losing weight and also prevent gaining weight from all the stress.

10) Believe In Yourself: 

People try many ways to lose weight. Even if one of them doesn't work, they lose their hope. Losing weight is not a hard thing if you believe in yourself and never give up. Never demotivate yourself. You can do anything in this world. All you need is will and passion.

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