11 Things A Woman Should Carry In Her bag

Wonder what to carry & what not to carry in your bag? We list out 11 things that every woman must carry in her bag

Women love to maintain themselves anywhere they go. It's a saying that there is nothing you can't find in a woman's purse. We sure carry a lot of stuff but here are a few of them that every woman should carry while going anywhere which can actually be helpful. 1. Sunscreen

Nice skin is one of the things women crave to have. It's not really that difficult to have a nice, tan free skin. SunScreens not only protect us from the sun's UV rays but also forms a barrier between our skin and pollutants in the air. It is really required to maintain healthy skin.

2. Wet Tissues

Women are prone to mess. It can be smudged eyeliner or a coffee stain or sauce around your lips. There can be so many things that can spoil the presentable look a woman aspires to maintain. But you can always clean your mess up. Hence Wet tissues are a must.

3. Hairband Or A Rubber Band

Who denies that one of the most irritating things in the world is messy hair on a windy day or open hair while devouring that chocolate cake. Hair is one of the assets of women that can change their entire look in seconds. It should be protected. Always carry a hairband and protect that amazing hair of yours and make a perfect ponytail or a messy bun anytime.

4. Pads or Tampons

This is a must! There is no need to mention, every woman will be aware of their periodic cycle and always carries a pad with them around menstruation time. But it's good if you can always throw some pads in your bag. Who knows your companions or even strangers may get a requirement. Be a superhero for them.

5. Head Phones or Ear Phones

Women many times, get into awkward situations. It includes speaking with people we absolutely don't want to. We can escape this by popping out those earphones and eliminate ourselves from those unwanted conversations. Also, long rides can be made less boring with music. So don't forget to carry them.

6.Lip Balm

A woman's lips always grab the attention of many people. But sometimes they also get scary, especially in winters most women face the problem of chapped and dry lips. To protect those lips of yours just throw a lip balm in your bag. A tinted lip balm would work wonders. Who knows what those lips will get you into ;)

7. PowerBank

A dead phone is one of the scariest things women find. A working phone is a mandatory thing any woman should have. It can be for protection or to call and talk about your day with your BFF while traveling. So take a power bank with you everywhere and make sure its charged.

8. A Hairbrush

Hair changes the complete look. The first thing any woman checks while looking at a mirror is her hair. We always want to make our hair look better and better. So carry a hairbrush. Also using stranger's hairbrushes and combs may cause dandruff. So carry your own comb girls.

9. A Book & A Pen

A woman's brain is bigger than the entire universe. you may get some crazy thoughts and amazing scenarios in your head. Also, you may simply have to note some information. Some phone numbers or some important stuff. pop in a pen and a note pad in your bag. It

can be handy.

10. Facewash

Sometimes we may get the time and chance to redo our make up and look fresh and gorgeous all over again. Or some other times may come where we will have to pull an all-nighter at the office. Keep a face wash with you and never have a dull makeover.

11. Wallet

This is an obvious thing for both men and women. Never forget your wallet guys!

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