5 Ways To Rekindle The Spark In Your Long-term Relationship This Quarantine

Love in the time of COVID-19 is more complicated than the algebra test you failed in 10th std. while,many couples are sick of being trapped together amidst the lock down, there are some couples fighting the distance between them, counting days living apart. This lock down is turning to be a very dreadful phase for the people in a relationship of more than 1 year. In fact, china recently confronted a sudden spike in divorce rates. All in all - this situation may ignite the flame for some but it might drown the bond of others. So, to make sure that you fall under the former category, you need to follow these tips.

1) Plan Virtual Dates.

Amidst the lock down all your plans of going for romantic vacations and dates have been destroyed because of which, you and your partner are still feeling sad and disappointed,which has kind of blown the spark away from your relationship.

Don’t worry!

Planning virtual dates with your partner will be a complete new experience and a lot more fun as this will be your first and first times are always worth it. Don’t keep them dull. Instead, dress yourself, light up the ambience around you, talk about all the goofy and cheesy stuff, try to go on virtual movie, workout, cooking dates, and eat the same cuisine to make your virtual date not so virtual. These dates will definitely revive the spark in your relationship back.

2) Revisit Your Golden Days.

This is the best time to remember all your old memories as there is a saying “old is gold”. Revisit all the moments from the time your relationship started to the present.

Revive those witty but romantic incidents, your firsts together, funny fights, situations that you as a couple have overcome and come this far, going through all your old memories will be like revisiting your own romantic novel.

All of his will help you and your partner to realize that how strong is your relationship to pass this rough phase of quarantine.

3) Share Your Planner With Each Other

The fact is, spending so much time talking to each other can make your relationship a little boring. Rather than talking to each other the whole day make your day a little productive.

Share your list of “to do things” for the day with your partner and ask for the same and then at the at the end of the day review each other’s day planner.

This way you you’ll end up making your relationship more interesting than ever as you’ll also end up being a little competitive with eachother. As studies have shown that the couples carrying the blend of romance and competition lasts longer.

4) Plan For Your Post Quarantine Date.

This pandemic is, of course, an extremely stressful time, and your partner is going through the same series of emotions as you. This is a time to be mindful and reel your emotions a little bit.

Thinking about your 1st date post quarantine will bring butterflies in your stomach for sure. Planning the venue and music for your next date will bring so much of peace and positivity in your relationship, as you’ll be meeting after months of rough patch. This will help in rejuvenating your relationship.

5) Have Serious Talks.

This might be a good time to talk about other intense topics and make sure you and your partner are aligned. As we usually avoid these topics in our relationship to make it less complicated. But they are actually very important. As if not solved today then they might cause a big trouble in future making your relationship toxic than ever.

This is a great time to confront things you might have swept under the rug. These are the kinds of important issues that often evaporates amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These talks will nurture and mature your relationship to the next level.

All of these efforts will be worth it. As they will contribute in making your relationship younger, joyful, mature and comforting than ever.

Good luck!

- Mahek Chotrani

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