6 Amateur Myths Driven Into Feminism

By Mahek Chotrani

Feminism has become the 'HOT' topic of discussion all over the World but most importantly among the teenagers. As many of the teenagers as soon as hit their puberty , they start noticing the gender inequality taking place in schools, colleges, coaching as well as their own household, start questioning the emotional gender differences. But do they really know the facts and origin of feminism or most of them just create a bluff out of believing the facts from what they hear?

Following Are The Most 'Talked About' And Amateur Myths Driven Into Feminism :

1. "Feminism Is Simply Sexism Against Men"

The most popular opinion surrounding many of the teenagers. But let me put this straight, feminism is actually social,political and economical equality between the sexes.

2. "Feminism Emphasis On Making Women The Dominant Gender"

The most talked about opinion as many of the teenagers are taught to think that feminism is all about who takes the charge. But on the contrary feminism emphasis on "Gender Equality.

3."Feminism Ignores Men's Issues"

Feminism suggests that the issue of all the sexes are not separate entities but all of them stem from the same root of inequality.

4. "Women Can't Be Sexist"

Women can be sexist as having grown up in a culture where conforming to the norms is easier than rebelling against status quo seems right and natural.

5. "Women Can't Be Feminine And Feminist Both At The Same Time"

False! As Women can be both while supporting the cause of gender equality as to look feminine or not is their choice, their look can't confine them to a particular set of beliefs.

6. "Feminists Have No Sense Of Humor"

Being opposed to sexists and otherwise marginalizing jokes does not indicate of what intensity and type of humor one enjoys.

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