6 Healthy Fruits That MUST Be On Your Monsoon Diet

Health & diet expert Riddhi suggests 6 healthy fruits that must be on everybody's monsoon diet!

We all know that the smell of deep-fried pakodas heralds the

monsoon season—but these crunchy treats have numerous adverse

effects on our health which we cannot ignore. Monsoon brings with it a

plethora of water-borne diseases as well as allergies and infections. To

stay out of all these “monsoon troubles”, take a look at these amazing

fruits to keep you healthy this season!

a) Papaya: This vitamin C- enriched fruit helps strengthen your

immunity since ascorbic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant. Papaya

has an enzyme called ‘papain’ that also facilitates digestion.

b) Peach: This fruit is full of potassium, fluoride and iron, and it has

also got loads of vitamin A, beta carotene and vitamin C. Retinol

helps improve your vision, fluoride helps prevent dental

problems—this fruit has so many health benefits that you just

cannot do without it!

c) Litchi: This sweet and juicy fruit comes with vitamin C which

boosts your immunity system and what’s more, it also assists

weight loss! You can treat yourself to a nice glass of litchi martini

with this recipe right here:


d) Jamun: Be sure to get some jamuns the next time you visit the

market since this fruit is great to taste and also reduces blood

sugar levels! It is also good for your skin as it has astringent

properties and maintains the proper functioning of the kidneys and


e) Pomegranate: This fruit comes with a host of health benefits like safeguarding your body from various infections and allergies. It has anti-oxidant properties that make it the perfect go-to fruit for this season!

f) Cherry: The last fruit on our list has vitamin A which helps you get a sharp eyesight. Cherry is also known to slow down the aging process by making your skin soft and supple. Some bonus tips:

You can make loads of desserts with cherries—here’s an amazing

list, just for you.

Conclusion: While we think green, leafy veggies are the best item on

our diet for our immune system, having them during monsoon is a big

no-no. Instead, try to stick with seasonal fruits, avoids fruits like

watermelon, and tread through this puddle-filled season with no

worries! Be sure to comment if our suggestions worked for you or if

you want to add some fruits to this list and do share this with your

friends. Cheers to disease-free drizzle season!

Author: Riddhi M. is a pre-med student from India who is obsessed with

health and fitness. She lives with her five kittens and when she’s not

reading thrillers or writing blog posts, you can find her having momos

or playing chess online.

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