By Mahek Chotrani

Amidst the ongoing tensions between India and China, there arrives another bad news for India's youth as India bans SHEIN along with other 58 Chinese apps. Shein entered India in 2017 and within the span of 3.5 years Shein earned the trust of large section of customers in here as according to the annual fashion reports shein India used to receive 20,000 orders a day.

Shein India became a GO TO shopping website for Indians, especially for the youth.

Here Are The 7 Reasons Answering "Why Shein Is The Hardest Goodbye For India's Youth ?"

1.Pocket Friendly

Shein India was one of the most pocket friendly e-commerce websites as it offered the best of the quality and products in each and every range. According to the annual fashion reports Shein India was the only e-commerce website providing the minimum range for each of its category. Also, it was the only website putting up pop-ups, sales, hauls all a year long. In fact, Shein India was the website which made pop-ups a trendy fest in Indian fashion Industry. As these pop-ups and Hauls offered Shein goodies at 2 times cheaper rate than the website. Their marketing strategy was to make their brand easily accessible and affordable in the country to boost the company's recognition.

2. Vast Variety.

Shein India dealt in all categories i.e, clothing,home decor, accessories, beauty products and what not. Each of these categories was backed and sustained with different sub categories for every product to offer vast variety in all facets i.e, type,color,size,shape, occasion and what not.

For instance, there was a different section of clothing collection according to different trends : spring, winters, summers, rains ; there was a different section of collection on the basis of occasions : party, casual, office etc and there was a different section of clothing collection on the basis of look books : cute, edgy, ethnic, classy, sexy etc.

Also, it offered an intensive variety for price-range for every category .

3. Qualified Quality.

So, the thing with SHEIN was you get what you pay i.e, if you buy something of high price range you'll get high quality product, low range will offer low quality products and mid range will offer mediocre quality products.

All in all the price of the product QUALIFIES the QUALITY of the products.

Which according to me is fair enough. Due to this reason the customers already knew what they are ordering and if the product will stand up to their expectations.

4. Friendly Policies.

Shein India had friendly policies for their customers. The most happening policy of shein was its return policy as if the item is wrong in size or color and defective then it can be easily returned if informed the customer service within 24 hours.

Another such policy is related to its delivery as the parcel is delivered safely and within the span of 1 week. Also, the new feature of try and return i.e, one can try the item as soon as it arrives and return the item then and there to the delivery man. This feature was just perfect for the people who fear online shopping because of their confusion in size an and quality.

Also, in case of return there was no such delay in refund of money as it was refunded within the span of one week.

5. Youth As The Main Target.

The brand targeted Youth in the age group 18-28 years. You all must have noticed that after Shein entered India, the number of fashion bloggers multiplied. This is because Shein gave platforms to showcase and endorse their brand only to the youngsters as the brand's target customers were the youth of India.

For instance, it started by initiating an influencer campaign titled ‘Campus Ambassador’ to generate brand awareness, loyalty, and visibility among the consumers.

According to the company, the campaign aimed to target and engage the young college-going enthusiast and provide them an opportunity beyond academics to develop the soft skills of communication,marketing , and networking.

None the less, India still has many other trending E-commerce websites that can work as an alternative for Shein India. Let's just bid goodbye to Shein India by cherishing our happy shopping experiences with the brand.

Good Luck !

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