The Beauty Of Nail Art

Do you love experimenting with your looks and trying out new stuff? Read this article by beauty expert Sarika Tainwala for some innovative nail art ideas!

When it comes to beauty trends, nail art is in vogue nowadays and is popular among women of all ages. As urban fashion-conscious women we want to look our best from head to toe. And our nails are an integral part of our appearance and have become a style statement now!

Nail trends have come a long way from a basic-polish manicure. It's a form of one’s personal style and economic empowerment of women since most nail art salons are run by women. Whether you like simple and chic or bold and beautiful, your nails are a reflection of who you are and deserve to be decorated as such. While most women enjoy going to nail bars to get their nails done regularly, the truth is we hardly have time owing to our busy schedules. I've written this blog to guide you on creating your own nail art designs all you need is to be creative and imaginative!

So grab a pen and paper and take notes right away!

"Nail art is a vacation for plain nails." — Unknown

Nail painting existed since ancient times and was discovered in the Incas of the 15th century with patterns of a painted eagle on their nails. In 1907, the half-moon manicure came about, and between the 1920s and 1940s, the half-moon manicure appeared in unpainted or colored versions. Nail art has several components i.e. a base coat, top coat polish, and main nail enamels, which are textured, glitter based, magnetic, etc. Acrylic colors and nail art stickers with adhesive is applied on the nails and a fast-drying top coat of polish is spread over it. Sparkly rhinestones, confetti glitter, sprinkle beads, studs, acrylic decals, flocking powder, and striping tapes for metallic lines are used in nail art.

"When your nails are part of your outfit, they become more than nails. They become an accessory." —Holland Roden

If you are bored of your weekly appointments to the salon for a fresh manicure and nail art at an astronomical cost, then I suggest you be creative and indulge in some fun nail art trends at your home. You can opt for DIY nail art to get creative with your nails using nail art material and tools to create some trendy designs yourself!

Nail art offers a huge palette of colors and you can choose your favorites to raise brighten up your mood, to match your lifestyle, your personality, and your outfits. And a multicolored nail art kit can enhance your hands and cheer your mood at any moment.

For instance, something as basic as a tape (preferably a thin one) can be used to create patterns and give a twist to your regular manicured nails. Also, you can experiment with designs using a toothpick (yes, you heard it right!), and make your nails make turn heads.

Let's see what are the 11 essential items in a nail kit:-

- Staple nail polishes

-Topcoat and matte topcoat

-Nail polish remover and cotton pads

-Cuticle oil and nail repair formula

-Scotch tape and striping tape

-Q tips


-Tweezers and nail file

-Studs, stones, and stickers

-White and black nail paint

-The glitter and metallic nail polishes

Apart from this, you can invest in nail art tools- stickers, dotting tools, rhinestones, glitter, etc.

Some designs you can work on are floral, bold, metallic, minimalistic, sun-kissed, beachy, glitter, tribal art, geometric designs, and many more designs.

Now let's look at the latest trending summer nail art designs and ideas in 2020

Floral Beauty

Delicate, feminine, and girly! Floral designs are classic and can never go out of fashion. You can choose between lavenders, tiny bouquets, orchids, tulips, vintage flowers, etc. Use your imagination and create designs that bring out your feminine side.

"Imagination is the only limitation of nail art."— Unknown

Matte Finish

If you are safe and practical as a personality then you can wear matte finish nails. With a matte top coat you can create a wide variety of designs. Apply a full coat of matte topcoat and cure, then using nail art brush or dotting tool create lines, swirls or dots, cure then cleanse to reveal you're amazing design.

Image source:

Metal magic

Metallic nails have been spotted on many shows internationally! You can layer your basic polish with a silver or a golden metallic shade for extra sheen. If you like to stand out in a crowd and look flashy and loud, go solo with the metallic nail varnish in hues of midnight blue, rose gold, and the basic gold and silver.

Image source:

Sun-kissed wonder

Are you bored of staying home and feeling the summer heat during a lockdown? You can create designs of summer through your beautiful art now! Depending on your mood and the colors you've stacked up, create sun artwork on your nails!

Image source: www.

The 70s Flares & Ombres

Image source:

This pretty gradient trend is everywhere! You can experiment with a mix of colors baby blues, whites, pinks, lavender, and pastels with different nails or transitions of colors. The ombre trend is more popular in hair, but the gradient style of tones from

Here a light color on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker color toward the tip and looks better with long nails. It’s adored by fashionistas and worn by celebrities now, you too must try them and bade farewell to boring nails.

Beach Holiday

Most of us are missing our annual trip to the beaches of Goa and lazing in the sun and sand, owing to the lockdown! Why not create a beach on your nails? Look up some designs Pinterest and paint a beach-inspired summer holiday on your nails! From deep water diving to sandstones to waters, think of all those exotic beach holidays you've taken and recreated those memories on your fingers!

Fruit Exotica

Summer is here and we love gorging on our favorite fruits! Why not recreate your bowl of freshly served fruit on your nails as well and look feminine and charming? Paint some quirky and fun fruit designs on your nails, right from cherries, strawberries, pineapples to watermelons and apples!

You can toy with punchy neon colors, glitter fruit nail art, 3D fruit nail designs, matte fruit ail art, and fruit stickers. Explore fruit nail art ideas and banish lockdown blues!

Disco Nights

Love partying on Saturday nights? Burn the dance floor and make heads turn with the next time you head out for a party with glittering metallic nails! Experiment with glitter and metallic nail polish and shine like a disco ball!

You can combine matte and metallic polishes as an alternative. So your Saturday night outfit won't be complete without disco nails now. Try it out next time you

Lace-Up Your Shoes

For those who love sports and are tomboyish, this quirky and unique nail art option is for you! Paint white lines crossing each other create a laced-up look and add bows on the top.

This is a fun and colorful nail design to wear! Even older women can wear it, just get some inspiration from your son's shoes!

The Indian nail care business is exploding right now, with women becoming more independent and conscious of their appearance. They are willing to spend pot loads of money on grooming themselves to look attractive!

Currently nail art competitions have even become a source of entertainment at theme-based kitty parties and ladies meets in India. Teenagers are also opting for nail art on occasions like fresher’s and farewell parties. And this demand has been capitalized by salons to grow their business, by adding nail art in their service offerings.

So I've shown you the basics of nail art, go ahead and create some magic on your nails right away!

About The Author

Sarika Tainwala is a corporate marketing professional with 6+ years of work experience in Client Servicing, Business Development, and content writing with Imagic Creatives Pvt Ltd, Think IMC, Aegis BPO, and Air Deccan airlines among others. Academically she’s studied – Executive General Management Program (EGMP), IIM, B, Six months of Management Development Program-(YPP) from IIM, K, PGDMM, St. Joseph College of Administration, Bangalore, B.Com- Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

She’s also a voice-over artist and loves to gym and watches movies. She’s a management professional who turned into a writer and loves reading the romance genre and Indian authors. She aspires to release her own novel someday.

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