Best Movies and Shows to Watch During the Quarantine

Like the rest of the country, I too have been holed up in my house due to the lockdown. But my Netflix, Amazon Prime subscriptions have been a blessing. They have been sustaining me in my quarantine. These are the movies, series and shows which I have been watching and would recommend you guys to watch. They are an escape and a way to confront the worst.

The Succession

It is based on media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s family. It has an amazing first season, you must stick to the first two episodes and you will thank me later. It is such an amazing show about whom nobody is talking. I like the pilot and that will be an understatement to say so. I love the way this show draws an arch to portray the Billionaire’s lifestyle on the East Coast’s most beautiful city NYC and especially Manhattan. The beautiful shots of Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park are mesmerizing and as far as the acting is concerned I liked it.

The ensemble cast is pretty amazing and the ruthlessness, desperation and cockiness showed by the lead character are just like a cherry on the cake but not the whole cake. I am very impressed with the Succession. The score is also fantastic and the opening theme is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

Homeland’s Final season

I came to the Homeland party rather late. I will have to admit that my connection to the show is not that strong. That is the trouble with beige viewing. While fans who watch an episode a week have time to anticipate, evaluate and make connections with different characters, from one instalment to the next. It is different when we zip through half a season a night. But the beauty of beige watching is that we don’t need to wait for the next part.

Homeland is intricately plotted, astoundingly well-acted, divisive, controversial and timely. The show and its surviving character have come a long way since then. We don’t have Brody to kick around anymore but with him went some of the series. In the final season, Carrie Mathison is recovering from brutal confinement in a Russian gulag. Her body is healing but the memory remains fractured. This is a problem for Saul, National Security Advisor to President Warner.

The Hunters (Amazon Prime)

This series is propelled by a strong cast and even stronger sense of justice. Hunters is an extremely aggressive TV shoe on pretty much every level. It is aggressive in tone and jarring in its many tonal shifts. It is often violent. The evocation of its primary era, the summer of 1977, is as loud as an 8-track of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack cranked to the highest possible volume. All of which makes it odd that one of the least aggressive things in this Amazon series is Al Pacino.

There is plenty of revenge to go around in this ten-episode drama, created by first-time-series creator and show-runner David Weil. In general, there is a lot of a lot to go around the Hunters which strives for serious drama and lol comedy while engaging in wild action.

Asur (Voot)

There is a bit of Hindu mythological reference and a tinge of super-cop extravaganza. Asur travels back and forth in time zones 18 years apart. There’s Delhi with high IQ yet struggling officers and there’s Banares with even higher IQ criminals. It is amazing like literally, it has superb mytho presence with breathtaking cliff-hangers. The connections of misinterpretation of mythology with crime and killings are amazing.

CBI officer has been accused of his wife’s murder and his former colleague is the only one with willingness and expertise to solve the mystery. This is a very thrilling series with a lot of twists and turns.

Money Heist (Netflix)

I just completed the season 4 of Money Heist and I just have one word that is ‘Perfect’. It was a fast-paced surprise for fans, albeit a little frustrating at times. For the last few weeks, Money Heist has been trending on Netflix India. This Spanish drama has all the masala that we Indian viewers seem to enjoy like action, romance, humour, intrigue and sticking to the establishment.

I have never seen heist series with a love story between either father-son or between lovers. This series’ theme song is all about love and ruined. The last four episodes of season 2 are just amazing and will remind in the mind for long. The professor will amaze you with his incredible acting but finally, it was Berlin who filled up my eyes with emotions. He is capable of taking all the credits of the series. I think he is the first bad guy whom I started loving.

Knock Down the House

It is a documentary about democratic women who won unlikely house campaigns. It is probably not the single best movie on Netflix but it is worth the watch. It is entertaining to watch if you are uninformed and haven’t read must about the candidates or the group called ‘The Justice Democrats’. I watched the entire thing out of curiosity even though I disagree with the socialist idea.

In the documentary, AOC complains about student loan payments, yet she got a useless demand to disagree and had to continue to work as a bartender. AOC just gives the excuse that she graduated around the time of a bad economy.

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