Discover Your Festive Look With This Gorgeous Ethnic Wear Collection

Yves Saint Laurent has famously said--"Fashions fade, style is eternal." And when it comes to ethnic wear, this statement is so true because no matter what fashion trend you’re following, ethnic outfits can always fit the bill for a right style statement. In a country like India, with its rich heritage and history of fashion that can be traced back to the Mohenjodaro civilization, the ethnic attires reflect the vibrant culture that is found in the roots of our nation. We take pride in the gorgeous collections that are displayed in women ethnic wear. Even though Indian women can rock a western outfit and a traditional one with equal flair, nothing accentuates our beauty like an ethnic outfit does. An Indian naari and a saree—they go hand-in-hand.

As the leaves start turning a warm shade of yellow, the month of October heralds the season of festivals in India. Be it Durga Puja, Navratri or Diwali—now is the time to gear up your wardrobes with some beautiful ethnic dresses so that you can flaunt your desi beauty at these occasions. Amid the pandemic, you can even opt for the online route to shop for women ethnic wear in India.

But selecting the correct outfit can be stressful when there are so many options available in the market, and you don’t know what you want to get. To help you with this, I have listed down some top fashion trends in women ethnic wear---so let’s jump right in!

The resplendent lehenga look

Our favourite bridal outfit has now become a perennial style statement! Lehengas are love---and rightfully so. These gorgeous skirts with their flowing trains add volume to your steps and make you look confident and beautiful. It is a common misconception that lehengas are only for weddings. You can sport the resplendent lehenga look during the Diwali function at your home or while going pandal-hopping during Durga Puja. Pair your lehenga with a detailed neckpiece and tear-drop earrings, and there, you’re all set to flaunt your festive style!

The cool kurti look

Wearing a lehenga can be taxing since the outfit is cumbersome and weighs your down. If you like to stay light on your feet and want to add a simple ethnic touch to your look, a cool kurti is the right choice for you! You can choose a bright kurti with patterns and motifs and try it with a pair of solid-coloured palazzos. You can also try the traditional kurti-and-leggings look. Fashion is all about what you feel comfortable wearing---and kurti is the most comfortable ethnic wear that I can think of!

The sweet salwar look

Whatever be the occasion---when it comes to women ethnic wear, the salwar-kameez trend is always in! Our pick for you? A traditional chikankari design that brings out your inner elegance with its intricate details and unique cuts. Chikankari is a popular Lucknowi embroidery technique in which delicate designs are artfully stitched onto pastel clothes with white thread. The chikankari salwar pieces have an ethereal vibe about them, and you can pair your outfit with minimal jewellery and light makeup—and your look is all set to get hundreds of likes on social media!

The awesome Anarkali look

Who hasn’t imagined themselves, in their childhood, as a Mughal empress, living in gaudy palaces and wearing regal outfits while ruling over the subjects? Well, maybe that dream can’t be realized, but you can still have your Mughal moment with this Anarkali look. Anarkali suits were first worn during the Mughal times, and the name comes from the famous courtesan of the Mughal Empire. Since then, these suits have gained an evergreen status in women ethnic wear. You can whip up a gorgeous ethnic look with an Anarkali and elaborate jewellery with some heavy makeup and golden heels.

The sophisticated saree look

Saree speaks to an Indian woman on an entirely different level! The beauty of a saree contrasts and collaborates with the beauty of an Indian woman, and the result is a mesmerizing ethnic look that has become an everlasting style statement when it comes to women ethnic wear. Sarees have evolved with the ever-evolving taste of the modern-age women, and now, sheer sarees, floral sarees, chiffons, and handloom sarees are a raging trend. Paired with gorgeous jewelry and a close-fitted blouse, the saree can complete your ethnic look like no other outfit can!

Thus, we come to the end of our list of women ethnic wear. Hope this list is going to save you your worries for selecting the best festive look to wow your friends and family! Always remember, whatever you wear, wear it with poise—after all, nothing shines like the beauty from within. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and spread the word. Don’t forget to comment on your favourite look from this list and please like this article. Thank you, and have a great day!

Author: Riddhi M. is a pre-med student from India who is obsessed with fashion and beauty. She lives with her five kittens and when she’s not reading thrillers or writing blog posts, you can find her having momos or playing chess online.

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