Everteen Crème Hair Remover For Bikini Line Review

Are you looking for a hair remover for your bikini line? Beauty expert Namrata reviews Everteen's creme' hair remover for bikini line

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Where To Buy

You can buy Everteen Crème hair remover for bikini line on the Everteen website or on Amazon. The Everteen website ships worldwide.


The product is available for purchase both on Amazon and Everteen website. The MRP for the product is Rs. 149 and on Amazon it is available for Rs. 141 whereas on Everteen website it is at a further discount at Rs. 130.

How to Use

The Pack contains 50gms of cream, a spatula, and 2 towels. With any new product that you are going to use in sensitive areas, it is always better to first do a patch test and leave it for 24 hours to make sure you don’t have any reactions to the product. First, make sure the area you are applying to is clean and dry. Take a sufficient amount of the cream and apply it evenly with a spatula. Leave it for 5-6 mins and then use one of the towels provided to wipe it off or you can use a toilet paper. Afterward only clean the area with Everteen intimate wash. It is best to avoid contact with intimate areas.


I have been using Everteen’s range of products including their menstrual cups, intimate washes & sanitary pads. I recently purchased the EverteenCreme’ Hair Remover For Bikini Line online. Up until now, I had been waxing my bikini line. And the thought of needing to get a wax still makes me cringe after all this time. So this is a refreshing change. It is one of the few products on the market that is specifically formulated for sensitive areas with Chamomile extract. On doing the patch test first I was very pleased. All the hair came off clean and it was easy and quick without any pain. After 24 hours I had no reactions to the crème so it was safe to use throughout. It has a faint scent while applying it on which I liked however while taking it off I believe because it had worked with the hair there was an awful hair removal crème smell that you get with other hair removal products but I think that’s unavoidable with any formulation. The area was clean and done all in the comfort of my home. This product is not only good for everyone wanting to get a bikini line clean-up for the first time but also for seasoned bikini line waxer like me who hates the dreaded bikini wax appointments. I would definitely recommend this product to all women who want an alternate route of hair removal apart from waxing.

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