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Are you clueless about fashion? Here are some basic fashion tips & tricks written by fashion expert Ayushi.

Everybody has a different attitude about fashion. We constantly demand tips and guidance on fashion and style from people, fashionistas, stylists, or designers to look the best. It is tricky for a newcomer to style in such a way to look convinced and impressive enough. There are plenty of styling rules and tricks which keep on evolving over time. Some trends are received by the people while some collapse. You have to advance your sense of personal style.

We are presenting you with a guide for people like you to renew your style that will help you to look flawless all the time. Whether you're going for a family gathering, wedding or brunch, these tips will be an absolute guide to get you a remarkable look.

1. The most basic tip is to know your body. Buy something according to your body fit. Some cuts and styles look good only on a few body shapes. When you dress the right cloth as per your body shape, you look a million times much better.

2. Get out of your comfort zone and wear skinny, distressed, boyfriend, or loose jeans and experiment with it. You will surely love wearing them.

3. Try maintaining a balance. Do not go for more than 2 colours in any outfit. If you opt for a striped or embroidered top, go for a solid bottom and vice verse.

4. If you love wearing a lot of neck accessories, avoid wearing a scarf, a hat or bracelet.

5. Balance your look by pairing one of your loose outfits with a fitted one. For instance, if you are wearing skinny jeans, pair it up with a loose top and vice verse.

6. Try getting a decent makeup. While at a party, go for a dark and bold makeup. During the daytime, prefer going for a more natural makeup to get a subtle look.

7. You can always one pair of an outfit by mix and matching them.

8. Keep your wardrobe organized. Hang all the clothes you want on the hanger. Rest all should be pressed, folded and kept in the drawer. Remove all unwanted items. It should be in such a way that when it’s time to go out, you have no words like “I have nothing to wear”.

9. Get a taller look by matching your shoes in the same colour as your bottoms.

10. A clothing steamer is much better and easier than iron for a few clothes.

11. After ironing clothes, do not put them on instantly. This causes wrinkles on them.

12. If you are confused about what to wear with a pencil skirt. Pair it up with high heels. They will never go wrong.

13. Colours put life in a person’s clothes. Understanding the colour wheel is very important. You do not want to match outfits with colours that do not relate to each other.

14. Repurpose old clothes into something that you can wear again. Try something new rather than throwing them off. A men's shirt can be transformed into a peplum or shirt dress for you.

15. Every woman should own at least 7 types of scarves. There are numerous ways to style a scarf. Whether it is summers or winters, they serve as a perfect, stylish and elegant accessory all year round.

16. A good tailor should be made a good friend. You can always get your outfits altered quickly in no time with such a tailor.

17. Always buy something that goes on you perfect while in the fittings room.

18. Stylish bags, shoes, hats, jewelry, and all such accessories are a must and should be owned to complete your outfit.

19. For a ready to go outfit for the next day, select your outfits before bed.

20. Do not add too many prints altogether.

21. Spray lemon juice on sweat stains before washing them

22. It is great to wear a mini dress with a high neck and long sleeves if you have great legs.

23. Fix a stuck zipper of your jacket by rubbing candle wax over it.

24. A hairspray will enable your tights to stay longer.

25. Keep accessories clean using toothpaste, vinegar, or beer.

26. Using hangers to hang a sweater can stretch them out.

Bonus Points

27. You can get your dress tailored into a skirt if you are tired of wearing the same dress again and again.

28. Invest in good accessories. They can always create a better look for your outfit.

29. Get your jeans hemmed if they are way too long to wear.

30. Always remember to fold your denim inside out before throwing them into the machine to wash.

31. Baby powder can help you remove oil stains on bags. Let it is overnight until the stain is gone.

32. Belts can make your outfit so much easier. Wear a belt over a long sweater or a dress. It defines your waistline and makes you look slimmer.

33. If you have a cool complexion, go for outfits having colours like white, blue-black, grey, etc.

34. If you have a warm complexion, go for colours like yellow, golden, olive, brown, etc.

35. An office shirt should not be deeper than 4 inches from the collarbone.

36. Place the waistline of the jeans around your neck. If it overlaps it has a bigger size. It determines the correct size of your jeans.

37. A razor or pumice stone can help you remove lint from the sweater.

38. Remove lipstick stains using a hairspray.

39. Freezer bags can help you stretch tight shoes.

40. Stay confident

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