Hey there! Have you made any resolutions or not? Did you know that in order to stay happy, you have to stay healthy and fit? If not, then challenge yourself and start this resolution. Scroll down and find the best tips for better health!


Waking up early in the morning makes you more productive and positive. Waking up early can increase your will power and focus. In order to work out, waking up early is very necessary to balance your work all day. You can easily achieve your task list. It reduces stress and makes you stay happier and sustain a healthy diet. Your skin requires time to rejuvenate which can be done by waking up early. It is correctly said that “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


Eat healthily. Avoid eating processed food. Baked and fried food can cause low-fat burning and lead to Type 2 diabetes. It is preferable to go for vegan food. Eat real and whole food which is rich in protein, iron and nutrients. Avoid eating junk. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Chewing a spoonful sesame seeds can improve digestion. Add spices like cayenne pepper, ginger powder and cinnamon can help boost metabolism. Do not skip meals. Avoid carb-heavy meals like pizzas and sandwiches. Have 4-5 small meals every 4 hours. Eat at proper timings.


Drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day to stay hydrated. Intake more of vegetable juice, herbal tea/ green tea and coffee. Caffeine intake should be limited. Staying dehydrated can cause fatigue, dizziness and headache. You need to drink too much water in order to avoid overeating. It will flush out all the waste and toxins out of your body in the form of sweat and urine. This will cleanse your digestive system and the body too.


Go for a walk, bicycling, swimming, jogging and running. Try to walk daily for work if it is near to your house. Regular aerobic exercises can help burn calories. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, preferably before breakfast, can boost energy level. It also improves blood circulation in your body. Having your dinner earlier can reduce chances of getting obesity, gastrointestinal, and cerebrovascular disorders.


Quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible to save you and your body from its effects like cancer. It brings an invitation to you to get cancers, heart diseases, stroke, chronic lung diseases, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Your behaviour not only becomes physically changed but also mentally affects you. A person who doesn’t smoke has good health than the one who does. It is said that smokers die an average of 10 years earlier than non-smokers.

There are many ways to quit smoking and drinking. You can also consult your doctor in order to get a better life.


Stay away from the screens for every 30 minutes. Avoid using technology for 30 minutes before bed. Usage of screens should not interfere with bedtime or daily chores. It is found that staying in front of screens for more time can lead to obesity, behavioural problems, poor work performance, depression, irregular sleep, violent behaviour. Don’t stay glued to your phones all day long. Read a book and spend time with family instead of watching too much television.


Always stay happy. Have a huge smile on your face, no matter what. Positivity brings more happiness. Staying with negative and pessimistic people will lead to an undesirable outcome. It will affect your health and your work, you feel more likely to smoke, less likely take a healthy diet, exercise, often fall sick, and indulge into drugs. In such cases, try to spend some precious time with family. Read books and do whatever you like to. Help some needy. Go for regular hygiene checkup. Listen to music. Stay with people who bring out a positive attitude in you. Make sure to keep company with those who bring happiness in you.


Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Do not stay up all night. It will spoil your sleeping schedule and may cause fatigue, headaches and weight gain and can lead to lack of concentration, metabolism to low down, cause stress and depression. Try taking an afternoon nap. If you have a problem with sleeping, try meditating for a while. It will relax your mind and soul. Try making your room dark and silent at night. Listen to calming music if you like to do so. Avoid the use of caffeine.


Stress is caused because of many reasons or the happening of unwanted events. It can cause you frequent headaches, fatigue, chest pain, dizziness and strokes. It can lead to depression, poor diet, illness, etc. If you are stressed out, try giving yourself a break and go for a holiday. Pamper yourself. Acupuncture can help you best to release stress. Do yoga as it is a natural remedy to loosen out the stress. It will relax your brain and your soul. Try reading books, going for dinner or a movie with friends. Don’t just bottle up everything in your mind. Try jotting down all that you have running on your mind. Release your thoughts. Talk to family members and friends. They will help you get out of it. Doctors and counsellors can also help you best.


Getting a regular checkup of your body at regular intervals is a must. The physical tests tell a lot about our health. Some people pay the least attention to this and are very ignorant. Regular checkups are necessary to find out whether your body is free from any medical problems or not. It is required to be done so as to improve your chances of maintaining a healthy and long life. Your age, sex, family, lifestyle choices, and many other essential factors say about your health. Regular checkups are done to find out the efficiency of your heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, liver and the immune system. Also, it is necessary to find out your current health if you earlier were diagnosed with a disease or medical problem.


Want to get relieved from the daily stress of work and studies? Take a break from this hustle and bustle life and go on holiday. You can interact with different people and get new inspirations. If you like travelling alone, you can be more independent and don’t have to rely on others for everything. It makes you mentally as well as physically fit. It keeps your heart healthy. People suffering from depression and mental problems can take a chance and go travelling.


Positive people always bring out the best in others. We choose to be with people who have similar kind of tastes and preferences as us. But it is important to know if they are truly your friends or not. Your health is linked to a healthy relationship. It can impact your life making you happier and look younger. Research says that physical affection between loving partners, parents, children, and friends and other family members can help the brain, heart and other body systems in a better way.


Do yoga, meditation and pranayama. It increases the oxygen level to the brain. It makes you flexible and decreases the chances of heart problems as it lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. It improves digestion, focus and makes you happier. Doing yoga daily can improve your body posture.


Go outside in the fresh air. Play games like basketball, badminton or anything you like. Developing healthy bones, efficient heart and lungs, can all be done if you make sports a part of your life. Strengthening your immune system, it helps you prevent hypertension. Sports boost your mood and can improve your concentration power. Not only that, but it will also maintain your weight.


Don’t just stay in one corner of your room. Go outdoor and get recognized by nature. It will immediately freshen up your mood making it more positive. You will feel more lively and experience more happiness. Fresh air brings more vitamin-D and gives you an energetic day. It makes you a better person not only physically but also emotionally. It can change your mood instantly. Nature is so inspiring and helps you reduce stress and anger. Rather than going on a vacay to a resort or a theme park, you can go for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and there is so much more in order to explore nature.


Living a healthy life is necessary for both you and your family. Maintaining a healthy life can get you rid of so many diseases, illness, mental and physical disorders. A healthy system will boost your immune system, energy level and metabolism. Staying healthy is challenging in the initial stage when you decide to stay so, but once you make it a habit, Your life will change completely in a better way.

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