Home Remedies For Wrinkles

Are your wrinkles giving you sleepless nights? Read our article on home remedies to get rid of your wrinkles by beauty expert Sarika.

Everybody develops wrinkles due to the natural aging process. They mainly occur on the face, neck, hands of our body. At times, genetics plays a major factor while developing wrinkles.

As women, we need to take more care of our skin as we age. Our skin gets loose and fragile and becomes dry looking wrinkled.

Wrinkles are folds or ridges on our skin. Also known as rhytides, they are creases on the skin and are the result of lack of moisture and elasticity of the skin. It affects people in the old age but due to modern lifestyles, people at a younger age are also becoming its victim.

The causes for wrinkles are prolonged exposure to the sun, aging, pollution, stress, smoking, lack of sleep, etc. has also been considered as the leading factor for wrinkles on our skin. Everybody develops wrinkles due to the natural aging process and they mainly occur on the face, neck, hands of our body. At times, genetics plays a major factor while developing wrinkles.

Collagen provides firmness to the skin, whereas elastin maintains its flexibility. Extended exposure to UV light breaks down these two important fibers of the skin – collagen, and elastin, causing wrinkles.

Before we start with the home remedies for his, why not let’s understand how you can prevent it!

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

The malic acid in aloe vera improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, which are evident signs of skin aging. Zinc in the gel increases the youthfulness of skin by shrinking the pores and mucopolysaccharides help in retaining moisture and improve the formation of collagen the protein that forms the basis of cell structure and maintains skin elasticity.

Apply the gel onto a clean face, massage for 5-10 minutes in a gentle, circular motion. Let it stay for 20 minutes and rinse.

Apply Avocado Pulp

Packed with vitamin B, C, E & K, selenium, potassium, zinc, folate, and beta carotene are excellent elements for wrinkle control. The flesh of avocado increases the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin by increasing elasticity. Apply it on a clean face and let it stay for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with water. The antioxidants and amino acids flush out toxins from the skin and prevent skin aging.

Reduce Salt Consumption

Foods rich in sodium can suck moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and dull.

Don’t Wash Your Face Too Much

Of course, it's important to keep your skin clean, but don't overdo it. Wash no more than twice a day. Over-washing dries your skin, making it age prematurely. What you wash your face with is also important. Alkaline bar soaps strip your skin of its natural oils and can cause irritation. That is why a non-soap cleanser is a much gentler option.


Moist skin has a glow and lines and creases are not obvious. Moisturize twice a day once in the morning before you step out and once before you go to sleep to treat aging.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, The usual norm is eight glasses a day, but there’s no limit in reality. You can also drink coconut water, and green tea which keeps the skin moisturized from within and water rids your body of toxins.

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No Smoking

It’s the single most lethal reason behind wrinkles. Smoking can speed up the normal aging process of your skin, contributing to wrinkles. The nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin. This impairs blood flow to your skin. With less blood flow, your skin doesn't get as much oxygen and important nutrients, such as vitamin A.

Use Sunscreen

Use your sunscreen every day, with the right SPF preferably a non-toxic one to protect your skin from wrinkling.

Well not all of us are lucky to escape wrinkles for too long! At some point, it will afflict us and that’s when you must seek anti-wrinkling treatments for your skin! There are two types of wrinkle treatments, first are clinical treatments and secondly home remedies. Clinical treatments offer a wide range of expensive procedures in top-class dermatologists and skin treatment clinics offering impeccable treatments to smoothen fine lines. For instance, laser resurfacing, ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000 per session, is an anti-aging treatment involving the usage of lasers to make skin smooth and tight by removing the Upper damaged layers. A few more are mentioned below.


Ranging between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500 per session, it’s refines the texture of the skin by scraping away dry skin, bumps, and sun-damage spots.

Wrinkle Fillers

Ranging between Rs. 25,000 per injection, this procedure fill these empty pockets via injection and make the skin plump again. The skin loses collagen with age and results in empty pockets below its surface. Therefore this leads to saggy skin.

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Ranging between Rs.1,000 and Rs.18,000 these are the popular treatments used by celebrities. It’s injected to remove frown lines and crow’s feet. The Botox Injection temporarily blocks these contractions and thus stop wrinkles from appearing. The result of the Botox Injection lasts up to four months.

Having stated all of the above, these treatments cost a fortune and can’t be afforded by everyone on a consistent basis. That’s where I step in and suggest some easily available home remedies that can be concocted in your kitchen in a jiffy!


Anti-wrinkle Vitamin C Serum

Homemade serums are advisable for mature and aging skin. They are light in texture and quickly absorb into the skin. Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant found in citrus fruits. It improves the elasticity and flexibility of the skin for a smooth, wrinkle-free, and glowing complexion.

The ingredients are:-

- 2 Pure vitamin C tablets

- 2 tbsp vitamin e oil

- 1 tbsp aloe vera gel

- 5 tbsp rosewater

Dissolve vitamin C tablets in rose water and combine aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. Pour in an empty bottle & store in a cool place. Ensure it's used within 6 days. It can be added to your regular moisturizing night cream or lotion till such time until the skin looks younger naturally. Store in a small airtight container and keep in a cool dry environment out of direct sunlight.

Cucumber Facemask

Blend cucumber, mint leaves, and 1 egg white. Apply the cucumber face mask for 15-20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Experience the wonders of cucumber beyond your morning sandwiches now!

Egg White

Remove egg whites from egg yolks, add 2 tbsp. of glycerin and rosewater in the egg white. Mix well and apply on the wrinkles. After 15 minutes rinse with cold water. Feeling younger already?

Age-defying Carrot Collagen Face Pack

Beta-carotene, vitamin A and antioxidants exhibit the ability to slow down the aging process and make the skin look plump and juvenile. Turmeric is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that minimize redness, protects the skin from sun damage and free radicals that lead to wrinkles.

Soak 2 tbsp of grated carrots in 4 tbsp of warm milk for 10 minutes. Blend 1tsp of turmeric in it. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply the pack. After 20 minutes, rinse with cold water. Does your skin feel soft and silky smooth?

Rosewater and Glycerin Facial Lotion

Moisturization is a very important aspect of any anti-aging skincare routine. This is a weightless hydrating natural facial lotion to reduce wrinkles and crows' feet.

A rich source of antioxidants that boost the resiliency of the skin and revives skin tissue, rosewater, and rose petals trap moisture in the skin, making it look softer and younger. Glycerin is a humectant that gives your complexion a glossy & smooth appearance.

Wipe your skin with a cotton pad soaked in rose water. Mix an equal amount of glycerin and rose water and apply generously on your face and neck to face for desired skin improvement results. This should be a part of your morning routine after cleansing your face. Watch the years being taken away from your face now!

Green Tea & Lemon Facial Toner

It's known that facial toners make your skin radiant, healthy, and youthful. Green tea-based toners are good for aging skin and have free radical-fighting antioxidants that repair dull damaged skin and restore lost moisture. Whereas vitamin C in lemon juice is an antioxidant, vital for ageless skin.

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Take half a cup of green tea water and add lemon juice to it. Soak a cotton ball and wipe thoroughly. Repeat this twice a day. This can be used as a facial mist as well. Pour it into a spray bottle and refrigerate for 1 hour. It can be sprayed onto your face whenever your skin feels dull and dehydrated. Also as a toner for younger and glowing skin.

Olive Oil

Rich in vitamin A and E that fight free radicals, olive oil can repair, moisturize, and even regenerate skin cells. Mix olive oil, honey, and glycerine into a mixture and apply on wrinkles thus protecting the skin and moisturizing it.

Aging is a natural phenomenon and is inevitable and irreversible. It’s caused by environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyles. But skin treatments can reverse the signs of skin aging and make you look 10 years younger. Follow these remedies regularly for over 2 weeks to make your skin look 10 years younger naturally.

Now we obviously know that many commercial anti-aging remedies contain harmful ingredients in small quantities. While they might look like tiny amounts, rubbing them into your skin on a daily basis can often compound the cause of wrinkles rather than reduce them. But homemade wrinkle creams have no harsh or drying chemicals and are safe for the skin. Some of the most effective and truly anti-aging remedies stem from nature's most simple and pure ingredients.

So let's explore some homemade anti-wrinkle creams and tonics to banish those wrinkles away!

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

Let's begin with the ingredients you need to make this concoction.

1/4th cup pure and sweet almond oil

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp beeswax

1/2 tsp vitamin E oil

1 tsp shea butter

Few drops of essential oil of your choice

Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar. Boil water and place the jar, without its lid, in the pot. Keep it there till all the ingredients have melted and keep stirring occasionally.

Once the ingredients have melted pour in a glass jar and let it sit at room temperature till the cream hardens. For easy storage, use an airtight container and keep out of direct sunlight or heat. Apply every morning and night after washing.

The ingredients in this anti-aging cream individually have profound effects on the skin, but together, they complement one another in terms of texture, scent, and complexion benefits.

Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

If you are noticing the skin under/around your eyes getting drier, puffy, tired-looking with fine lines and wrinkles? This DIY eye cream for wrinkles is gentle but very effective.

The ingredients you need to make this concoction are:-

-1/2 cup organic coconut oil

- 6 vitamin E capsules

- Few drops of frankincense essential oil

Pour coconut oil into a small bowl and microwave for 10-15 seconds and pour into a small glass jar with a lid. Pour the vitamin E capsules into the oil while stirring.

Mix in 6-8 drops of frankincense essential oil and refrigerate until it solidifies. Apply gently under/around your eyes at night or soak into your skin before applying makeup.

Anti-Aging Night Cream

Let's start with the ingredients you need.

- 1 tbsp cocoa butter

- 1/2 tbsp dark organic honey

- 2 drops of sesame oil

- 2 drops apricot oil

Simply mix well all the ingredients until you have a smooth creamy texture and apply.

Congratulations! You've learned some simple and effective recipes for homemade anti-wrinkle skin creams! Nice job. Making your own wrinkle cream is fun and the most effective way to fight wrinkles without resorting to injections or surgery. However, if you want to take your skin quality to the next level you’ll need to consult a professional dermatologist to help you create a personalized skincare plan by assessing your skin type, evaluate your skin's condition, and recommend products accordingly.

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