How To Avoid Fights And Stay Calm During Lockdown?

Who will disagree to the statement, COVID19 got the best of us. People are strained out of health, finance and also mental peace. Well on the brighter side we can say that it brought families together and couples out there got some time together. But there are a lot of people who are unable to spend this long lockdown at homes, especially couples. Because staying at the same place for a long time often exhausts a person's peace of mind. This can also affect relationships and can cause some disputes between the loved ones.

So what can we do to prevent from getting into this scary situation? Where you keep fighting and tend to destroy a beautiful bond. Here are some steps to avoid fights and stay calm during the quarantine.

1. Try not to be lethargic all the time:

Lockdown exhausts crap out of people. It is worse for extroverts. This often makes people feel lazy, weak and unwilling to do anything other than laying down and watching something. But this makes a person sad and distressed after a while. When busy time passes by easily. So its always better to move out of that couch and get engaged in some activity. It may be difficult at the start but it will keep you out of boredom resulting in a peaceful mind and surroundings.

2. Work Out together:

If there is one thing that's fun and also releases your endorphins(Happy hormones) its definitely working out. Especially for the couple who wants to lose weight together by the end of this lockdown. There are special exercises and workouts for couple which will make the entire process fun and romantic. This will definitely spice things up. When it comes to kids, they are always active and lockdown can make things boring for them. Small exercises will make this a way more interesting for the kids and it can definitely be considered healthy. 3. Share the Chores:

It is quite important to understand those who live with you. Making them feel burdened with loads of work may arise some unwanted disputes. It's always the best thing to pre-plan the works and share the load. This keeps you active and also avoid fights. Some things like cooking can be done together as it makes the process easy and enjoyable.

4. Have Some Personal Time:

Although living with your family is fun, spending all the time with them may distract you from your personal space. This can turn into a bigger problem in the future and you may blame your family for your unfinished tasks. Also, personal time is required for any person. This helps in making the person calm and more thoughtful.

5. Play fun games and little challenges with your family:

It feels boring after some time watching the same news channel or the known movies. So play some games and organize small tea parties from time to time to make this lockdown a little less boring. Plan some games like a treasure hunt or a quiz with some gifts this makes the family interested and keeps them excited.

6. Bring Out the creative you:

There must be a few things you've always wanted to do but never got the time to or your favorite hobby, or something you used to be good at as a child. Make something that will rejuvenate you and makes you feel good about yourselves. Experiment with your favorite tools. They may be brushes, musical instruments, or spices. Give them a personalized twist, this process will help you search the hidden you and make you feel confident about yourself. This also reduces stress and keeps you from getting irritated.

7. Put yourselves in other's shoes:

Whenever some fights happen between family. Do not lash out on them. This makes them worse. Be the bigger person and keep in mind that the other person is also struck in this and you being their loved ones should try to understand the situation from their point of view. If possible try to help them out through this. Cause ultimately one thing is going to matter, how happy your family is.

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