How To Get Rid of Blackheads

Are you looking for a solution for your nasty blackheads problem? Beauty expert Riddhi has the solution! Read our article to find out the details.

Blackheads are like these devilish beings that make sure that every time you pinch one of them away, you find at least five more to tackle. And even if it feels oh-so-satisfying to squeeze out a blackhead, you're left with a weird mark on your face that takes lots of concealers and foundations to hide. They are this constant nuisance that you HAVE to get rid of. But your quest for appropriate answers to the enigmatic question of "how to get rid of blackheads" is now going to end right here as I have some superb tricks right up my sleeves that I want to share with you!

So, what are these blackheads and what is the cause behind them?

Before trying to rid of blackheads, it is important to understand what they actually are. A Blackhead, scientifically called as "comedone", is just an open skin pore clogged with a mix of oil and dead skin cells that, upon exposure to air, get oxidized and turn black.

As for the cause behind these awful little things, Shari Marchbein, a Professor of Dermatology at NYU, in her interview to Allure said that "(Blackheads) is caused by the build-up of sebum, which is oil, P. Acnes bacteria, the primary bacteria responsible for causing acne, and inflammation."

According to many experts, despite their off-putting color, blackheads have nothing to do with dirt. So having blackheads on your skin does not mean you're not hygienic enough. But the problem is that there is a genetic component to blackheads, meaning that certain people are more prone to developing them than some seriously blessed others.

This brings us to the most important question at hand here, how do you treat blackheads?

You have two options: You can follow some DIY steps and take care of your blackheads at home, or, for more severe cases, you might want to consult a dermatologist. The decision definitely depends on you and there is no reason to think that the DIY tricks are any less effective because they have been tried and tested and are proven to give you the best results. In fact, I would advise you to go with the at-home plan and if you do not get your face rid of all those blackheads even then, you can visit a professional. Here, I'm giving you some of the best ways to get rid of blackheads at home so that you don't have to shell out your bucks for over-the-top expert treatment.

1. Try a scrub that isn't too harsh on your skin but fights off your blackheads like a pro

The best way to get rid of blackheads is to use a scrubbing face wash that has salicylic acid in it. Check out the Neutrogena Deep Clean Daily Scrub which is specifically enriched with salicylic acid to help you say goodbye to your blackheads. If you look for some other scrubs, make sure they aren't too coarse on your skin and they must contain salicylic acid. This acid has chemical exfoliation powers that bring out the oil that was clogging your open pores, thereby removing the blackheads. Since you are using a scrubbing facewash, the powered pumice will also provide some physical exfoliation that doubles the effectiveness with which you can take out blackheads with the facewash.

Upon regular use, these scrubs make sure that your pores do not open up again to reveal more blackheads and this way, you can combat your never-ending blackhead troubles.

However, as I said, a scrub can be harsh on your skin and if you use it daily, your face will be left raw and red and you don't want that. The general rule of thumb is three times per week for oily or combination skin, and just once weekly for sensitive skin, according to experts.

2. If you wish to try out some home remedies for your blackhead problems, try these out:

#1 Use baking soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a natural exfoliator that pushes out the oxidized oils from your pores, thus removing your blackheads. Add some water and make a paste. You do not need to apply it to the entire face but take cotton and swab it on the blackhead-affected parts. Use your fingers for physical exfoliation and do this regularly to find some remarkable results.

#2 Cut a thin slice of fresh tomato and use it on your skin

Tomatoes are rich in ascorbic acid, and retinol and are proven to effectively shrinking your skin pores and get rid of excess oils. Thus, this is really good for people with oily skin as the red pulp clears out the dirt and grease stuck on your face after a grueling day at work. Rub the slice of tomato on your skin, focusing on the blackhead infested areas. Let it dry as the juice will work wonders on your skin if given enough time. Wash it off and blot your fresh with fresh clothing in the end. Tomato also has skin-brightening properties so this trick will help you get rid of blackheads and also brighten your face with regular use!

3. The last and the most important point is that you shouldn't forget to moisturize your skin

Moisturising is a crucial step in any skin-care routine — if you have blackheads or even if you don't, do not skip this step. This is especially important in this case because if you're using all these home remedies and face scrubs to wash your face, it is possible that your skin might become dry. Dey and parched skin pose some problems, so the safest option is to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer. You can try the Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisturiser. It has SPF and it also ensures that your skin stays oil-free.

So now we have come to the end of our discussion on how to get rid of blackheads. Try out these methods at home and if they do the work I am sure they will perform, do comment down below and share the knowledge by sending this article to your friends. Have a great day!

Author: Riddhi M. is a pre-med student from India who is obsessed with health and fitness. She lives with her five kittens and when she’s not reading thrillers or writing blog posts, you can find her having momos or playing chess online.

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