How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

You get up in the morning, earlier than your usual time. You hop into the shower and get dressed. You grab breakfast and head to work. You know you’re going to meet a lot of clients today. You also have the monthly date night with your girlfriends today. Well, it is going to be a long day and you definitely want to look your best throughout the day.

This is where the question comes; How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day? You know that your makeup always fades off just a few hours into the day. But when you have a long day planned, you cannot afford this. You desperately want your morning makeup to last the entire day, and cover all the events that you have planned for the day. Maybe you won’t even get time for a touch-up before you leave office for your date. In this case, you need your makeup to last the entire day.

And we are here to tell you how! In this article, we have covered a few tips that you can use for your makeup to last all day long. By using these tips, you can be sure that your makeup lasts for long hours at a go, and you can rock that glam makeup look throughout the day!

Tips to make Your Makeup Last All Day

· Waterproof mascara and eyeliner

If you want your eyes to stay smudge-free the entire day, then always go for waterproof eye makeup products, like mascara and eyeliner. Normal mascara or eyeliners do not stay in place for several hours at a go. They always tend to smudge after excessive wear. If you happen to use eye creams, your mascara and eyeliner will smudge even more. So, always opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner so that your basic eye makeup lasts the entire day, and does not smudge away and make your eyes look tired.

· Oil-Free Foundation

Using oil-based products have an increased chance of sliding out of place. On the other hand, using oil-free foundation allows your makeup to stay in place for a comparatively longer time. If you have dry skin, do not forget to moisturize your skin properly before applying the oil-free foundation.

· Primer on Face and Eyes

Primers are the first step of achieving a flawless makeup look, which lasts for several hours. Using a primer also helps in locking your skincare and creating a barrier that smoothens the surface of your skin and makes it ready for prolonged wear of makeup. Using primers on your eyes is as important as using them on your face. Applying a primer on your eyelids before you start the eye makeup allows the eye shadow and eyeliner to blend more easily and last the entire day. It makes sure that the makeup does not smudge or crease.

· Prep Your Skin

Prepping your skin before starting your makeup is extremely important. You must do your usual skincare routine before swabbing all that makeup onto your face, so that your skin is prepared, looks smooth and lasts long. You must exfoliate, tone, moisturize before you start your makeup.

· Setting Spray

Setting sprays are the finishing touches of your makeup routine. Especially if you have an all-day plan or event, setting sprays are a must for you. They refresh your entire makeup and seal it onto your skin, which gives the makeup a natural look and makes it long-lasting. Setting sprays containing illuminating pigments that promote glow are also available.

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