Ice-Creams – the Essence of Summer

From vanilla to mango, ice-creams today have moved to more experimental tastes such as pumpkin, avocado and many more. It’s easier to mix and match flavours when it comes to ice-creams. There are a number of unique and sometimes wired flavours that are making rounds, avocado, pumpkin slice, masala chai are a few of them.

According to me, we must eat ice-cream at least once in a day. So now let me tell about some of my favourite flavours of ice creams and brands. I keep different flavours for different moods.


Butterscotch is like my all-time flavour of ice-cream. I can say it’s my most favourite flavour. It is the sweet and creamy ball of joy for me. I make my bowl of butterscotch scoop even crunchier by adding some chocolate chips in it. It feels cold and smooth with some crunches in between. My perfect bite is a spoon full of the ice-cream which gives me a brain freeze in the first bite. Sometimes, I even add chocolate syrup to the scoop to make it chocolaty and sweeter.

Mint Chocolate Chip

The mint ice-cream has a nice silky and smooth texture with bitter dark chocolate chips. The chocolate chips add a little crunch and bitterness to the scoop which I like. When I take a bite and it goes down my throat it is so yummy and cold that it makes me want to eat more of it. It has a nice subtle green, minty colour with brown chunks of chocolate. I don’t prefer this flavour like all the time but sometimes it is all I want.

99p Flake

According to me this isn’t an actual flavour type but nevertheless a firm summer staple. It is price friendly, has big chocolate flake and the sweet sauce make it humble treat a hit with everyone. I usually prefer it when I am with my friend. For me and my friends it is our flavour when we hangout.


It is a flavour which most of us like. It is one of the most preferred flavours by people. This flavour never disappoints. It comes with guaranteed happiness and satisfaction. Sometimes I prefer my scoop of chocolate ice-cream with white chocolate chips or syrups and sometimes to make it even more dark and strong I add dark chocolate chips or syrup.

Now let me tell you about my favourite ice-cream brands, the brands I trust and prefer.

Kwality Walls

As the name suggests these ice-creams are best in quality and taste. They have less hazardous ingredients and contain most of healthy ingredients. The brand provides people with a large variety of flavours to choose. Kwality Wall's Magnum is a classic ice-cream with a thick cracking layer made with real belgian chocolate. It has three flavours - Magnum Almond ice-cream, chocolate truffle ice-cream, choco cappuccino ice-cream.

Amul Ice-creams

Amul always has a lot of different options. Amul never compromises with taste and quality. It is also one of the oldest and most trusted brands in India. Its ice-creams taste different from other brands. I have never got a wide range of its flavours but the quality is amazing.

Mother’s Dairy

I prefer this brand when I am going for family packs of ice-cream. They are good at taste and don’t have ice-crystals in it. So if we store it for more than a day the taste isn’t affected.

Baskin Robbins

this brand needs no introduction. it has amazing flavours of ice-creams which they serve in various unique way. They are famous around the world. It is a perfect place for me to hangout with friends and colleagues and a bowl of happiness.

London Diary

the creaminess and thickness of the ice-cream is great. the flavours of London Diary are amazing. Natural strawberry has got real chunks of strawberry and is the perfect blend of sweet and sour. It is worth a try.


Among outlets ice creams of fruit based flavors Naturals & Gokul(Santacruz West) are our favorites. Naturals is a renowned ice cream chain, with parlors across the city. We love to try out their 'flavor of the week", which is generally based on the fruit, which hits the market during that period. But Naturals lost many admirers due to many of their ice-creams being too milky.

Gokul is also a brand similar to Naturals. Although, they have only one outlet in Santacruz West, it has people thronging to the outlet from far & wide. Do try out their strawberry with ice-cream & thick milkshakes.

This article would not be complete without mentioning the icon - K Rustom's on Marine Drive. It is one of the oldest ice cream parlors in the city. People swear by their ice cream sandwiches. We can't help but have at least three rum & raisin ice cream sandwiches at one go, every time we go there. If you have never been here, you are truly missing out on something!

Did you like our article? Are there are brands or outlets we missed out on? Please do drop a comment.

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