JRM’s Cleaning Brush Feather Microfiber Duster Magic Dust Cleaner Review

I have been looking for a good option to clean the ceilings, ceiling fans, etc. That when I came across JRM's cleaning brush & dust cleaner on Amazon.

This duster is very useful as it makes it easy to clean fans, sliding, TVs, etc. It also reaches the corners of your house easily. JRM’s cleaning brush is a flexible duster which comes with microfibers. It has an extendable rod, so it’s easy to reach the corners of your ceiling.

The microfiber noodles attract and lift dirt and dust while protecting the delicate surfaces. It cleans without using cleaners and chemicals. The microfibers are super-absorbent and absorb 8 times their weight in water. It features a strong plastic handle for a comfortable grip. It is great for you to clean cars and can also be used for daily household chores like cleaning window blinds, ceiling fans, bookshelves, etc.


· Flexible, the head is great for cars, window blinds, etc.

· It picks up dirt and dust with scratching and without the use of chemicals.

· Great for cleaning cars, auto, and housework.

· Long plastic handle helps to reach the hard to reach corners.

· It is soft, super-absorbent, and quick-drying duster.

· Package quality: 1 piece seven moon microfiber cleaning duster material: microfiber + flexible steel + plastic handle color: random color.

· Imported from India.

This duster is an all-rounder of all types of cleaning. If you buy this duster you won’t need to buy different types of dusters for different areas or objects. Also, it isn’t expensive at all, it is super-affordable and long-lasting.

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