Nose Piercing- Risks and Aftercare

The nose piercing has literally never gone out of fashion. The trend started long back, and is still valid today. Well, we are glad it is still in fashion since everyone with a nose piercing looks so gorgeous! Just like you can get your ears pierced at different points, there are also various spots where you can get your nose pierced as well. The most common spots where a nose piercing is usually done are the nares and the septum.

Risks of a Nose Piercing

Unlike ear piercings, nose piercings do come with a set of risks. The veins in your nasal area are connected to the sinus cavity. Thus, one needs to be extra careful while piercing this area. The main risks associated with a nose piercing are-

1. Allergic Reaction- one must be careful about the metal that their nose ring or pin is made of. Many a times, people are allergic to some metals. One must make sure that they are not allergic to the metal used in the nose ring or pin they wear.

2. Infection- using poorly sterilized equipment for piercing your nose may lead to tetanus infections, or even viruses such as hepatitis B or C, HIV may enter your bloodstream. The bacteria present on the inner lining of your nose may also lead to infections.

3. Loose Jewelry- always make sure that the studs or rings you are wearing are tight enough. In case of loose jewelry, there is a chance that they shift in your hole and you accidentally inhale it. These loose jewelry may also get stuck in the lining of the nose.

4. Nerve Damage- some people also face nerve damage or pain after piercing their nose.

5. Bleeding- bleeding is common for any kind of piercing. Although, a septum piercing may bleed more than a nares piercing.


There are a few steps that must be followed until your piercing is completely healed. These are just some daily-life changes that you need to make to your routine, in order to avoid any kind of health concern regarding your nose piercing.

1. Use a gauze pad soaked in a saline solution to clean your nose gently. Also use fresh paper towels to pat dry the area.

2. Make sure that your hands are washed and clean before touching the piercing or the jewelry that you are wearing on your nose.

3. Avoid using any antibacterial ointments on your piercing.

4. Stay away from dirty water.

5. Avoid lakes, swimming pools and hot tubs, since they may contain dirty water.

6. Always sleep on clean sheets.

7. Avoid moving or touching your nose jewelry until it is completely healed.

8. Go for showers instead of baths.

These were the risks and aftercare steps for a nose piercing. Do not hesitate, and get that nose piercing done. But make sure you check out all the risks and follow all the aftercare steps in order to keep your piercing healthy.

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