Dietary Food Items That You Haven't Heard Of!

Health expert Mahek Chotrani lists out dietary food items that women have probably never heard off!

Women of each country and era have been living a bustling life as they have a wide range of duties to perform i.e, from household duties to work life. Their brain is engaged and brainstorming constantly in some of the other productive stuff related to their personal or professional life. All of these activities require a lot of nutrients and energy, because of which a woman needs to take extra care of each and every facet of her health, especially food consumption, to perform all their activities smoothly and efficiently.

Here is the list of some essential food items to be consumed in a day:

1. Lukewarm Lemon Water.

Start off your day by drinking lukewarm lemon water empty stomach.

Benefits :

a) Promotes hydration - as lemon enhances the taste of water, increasing our consumption of water due to the better taste.

b) Rich in vitamin C - helps in preventing common cold, cardiovascular disease, and lower blood pressure.

c) Helps in weight loss - its antioxidant compounds also offset the negative effects on blood glucose levels and improves insulin resistance.

d) It improves the skin texture - as it prevents the development of wrinkles, dry skin and aging.

e) boosts the immune system - as it acts as a laxative to prevent constipation.

2. Egg Whites.

Start consuming healthy protein and low-fat food items in your breakfast. Most of the women trying to lose weight stop consuming fats, which is not good for their diet as healthy fats are one of the many essential items required by our body to lead a healthy life. As they are very important to provide energy and support cell growth. One of such easily available and pocket-friendly food item is egg white.

Benefits :

a) contains essential vitamins.

b) rich in protein.

c) balances the blood pressure.

d) lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

e) low-calorie food item.

3. Urad Dal .

It is also known as a split black gram, popularly consumed in the Southern part of Asia.

Consumption of this lentil has numerous health benefits :

a) boosts the immune system by providing a large number of dietary fibers and many minerals like calcium. potassium, magnesium etc.

b) Boosts energy as they include very high levels of iron which in turn increases the oxygen level by increasing the number of Red Blood Cells.

c) Boosts bone mineral density by providing significant minerals which in turn prevents the chances of osteoporosis.

d) Decreases skin inflammation by providing significant minerals and vitamins.

4. Multigrain flour.

You can consume multigrain flour in lunch in the form of chapatis. It is a blend of ragi, jowar, bajra, and buckwheat.


a) fewer calories.

b) blend of nutrients in each grain.

c) introduces millets in your diet.

d) high in calcium.

e) rich in iron and fiber

f) excellent for blood pressure management.

5. Brown Rice.

One can also substitute white rice with brown rice in order to make healthy choices in ones diet. As brown rice retains the nutrients that white rice lacks such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Benefits :

a) helps to lower cholesterol.

b) moves waste through the digestive tract.

c) helps in preventing the formation of blood clots.

e) promotes fullness.

6. Green Tea.

It has been used as medicines in India and China for decades. It is one of the most organic way to stay healthy. Most of the health concious women in India has now switched to Green tea from the traditional Milk tea in order to improve their health conditions. You must consume it twice daily.

Benefits :

a) increases metabolism.

b) prevents aging.

c) Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers.

e) prevents cardiovascular diseases.

f) prevents type-2 diabetes.

7. Nuts And Seeds.

we understand that most of you are in a habit of munching in a middle of the day or at an absurd timing. Don't worry as the nuts and seeds got you covered as they are the healthiest snacks to munch on without any guilt driven by your gut.


a) helping with weight regulation.

b) reducing risk for heart disease.

c) reducing risk for diabetes.

d) free of dietary cholesterol

e) high in dietary fiber

f) rich in phytochemicals that act as antioxidants

g) high in monounsaturated fats (most nut types) and polyunsaturated fats (mainly walnuts)

h) low in saturated fats.

8. Oat Milk.

It is the latest trendy plant based-milk to takeover the shelves of rich households, cafes and supermarkets. And since this vegan beverage is mouth watering, it's like a cherry on top of its health benefits.

Major benefits:

a)Packed With Essential Nutrients.

b)Rich in vitamin A, and D


d)Lowers Blood Cholesterol

e)Prevents Anaemia

f)Boosts Immunity

Its time to drool over these tasty and "Not So Popular" food items, in order to lead a healthy life.


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