Occupational Health And Safety

Employees have responsibilities towards their work and employers. Similarly, even employers are obliged to have some responsibilities to ensure that your workplace is safe and healthy. It is a priority of the employers, preventing any risks and hazards. Employees are always looking for a workplace which is safe and protected. The risk factors at the workplace and various determinants of health of the workers account for contingencies, musculoskeletal and respiratory illnesses, cancers, sound loss, circulatory and transmittable diseases, stress-related disturbances and others.

Changing industrial health and safety standards secure more favourable brand image, healthy trade and more powerful employee morale. Industrial health and safety address many types of workplace risks and concerns such as substances and dynamic accidents, biological agents, mental fallout, ergonomic issues and events.

How to ensure a healthy and safe workplace?

• It is the legal responsibility of the employer to inform, train, and supervise his employees about health and safety matters.

• Employees should take care of their surroundings in the workplace.

• It is necessary to provide the employees with the training required to do the job, no matter how much ever skilled they may be.

• Providing guidance and technical assistance to reduce the risk of hazardous incidents. The workers should know how to save themselves from any dangers at the workplace. Providing them training regarding fire prevention, medical or technical emergencies, evacuation, and use of safety equipment is a must.

• Do a complete assessment of your workplace, the risks, and the dangers it holds. Make sure that all the types of equipment, machines, tools and materials, electricity, and vehicles are not out of order and maintained properly.

Importance of safe and healthy workplace:

• Reduces illness and diseases

• Reduces the risks of dangerous hazards

• Safe and healthy environment brings more loyal employees

• Increases the trust of the employees; they become more productive

• Improvement in product quality and worker morale

• Reduction in legal liabilities

• Reduces staff turnover

• Improvement in Corporate image

Employer's Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensure that the workplace and work practices are safe, legal and healthy

• Ensure that the plant and machinery is safe to use

• Provide training, and instructions about workplace safety

• Ensure that emergency plans are in order

• Provide health care and first aid facilities to the employees

• Use posters, signs, and banners to warn the employees of dangerous situations

• Closure of hazardous activities

• Ensure that employees have a healthy reach to the drinking and sanitation facilities

Employee's Duties And Responsibilities:

• Report about the faults and defects at workplace

• Following the rules, regulations, and guidelines

• Report about on-job injuries to the employer

• Correct use of personal protective equipment

• Ensure self-safety as well as of others' too

• Avoid the consumption of drugs and drinks while at work

• Report about mental or physical harassment at work

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