Pilates- Do’s & Don’ts

Pilates has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. People have shifted their attention from regular workouts to Pilates. Every millennial (as they call it) goes to a Pilates class today. Let us first understand what Pilates actually is and how it is different from other forms of exercise. Pilates is basically an intense form of workout that requires the entire body and mind connection. It needs to be done while keeping in mind certain instructions, which must be followed strictly. One can only enjoy the benefits of Pilates if executed correctly while following all instructions.

You can also try out Pilates at home through online videos and guides. Although, you must be sure that you’re doing it correctly. Well, this article will help you find out what’s correct and what’s not. Basically, we have listed the Do’s and Don’ts of Pilates, which must be taken very seriously, according to experts. Check these out and remember them for your next session!

Do’s and Don’ts of Pilates


1. Make sure to feel that body-mind connection. Pilates is not just about the body, but also about the mind. Make sure that you engage your mind as much as you engage your body in the exercises. You must be able to visualize your bones and muscles working together towards the movements that your body is executing.

2. Be consistent. Like any other form of exercise or workout, consistency is the key for Pilates as well. You must be consistent in order to see results. The more you do Pilates, the more you will be able to notice the changes in your body, your strength and your postures.

3. Engage your butt. Yes, it is important that you engage your butt while you do Pilates. This helps in keeping your pelvis in the right position during all exercises. Maintaining the right position is important to actually gain the benefits of the exercise. So, make sure you keep your butt squeezed in so that your entire posture stays correct for the exercise.


1. Don’t expect to see results overnight. Frankly, results take time. The main aim behind Pilates is not just to make you lose weight but also make you strong. This may take some time, and only if you are consistent, like already said before. Also, you are going to be heartbroken if you expecting to see some magical weight loss from Pilates. If your aim is to get stronger and build your entire body strength, only then must you go for Pilates.

2. Don’t give up. Like all other things in life, you must not give up on Pilates as well. Making progress at it does require some time and efforts, but that does not mean you should give up. You can’t be “perfect” at Pilates right away. It needs time, dedication and consistency. And all of this starts to seem so worthy once you see the results. So, give it a try and don’t give up if it takes time.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others. This not just applies for Pilates, but can actually be considered as a life advice. But when we talk about Pilates, always remember that you body is different and unique than all others. It may be slower than some people in some activities, or may excel at other activities. Whatever it is, it is your body and it deserves time. You must not be affected by others’ progress. It is a personal journey, where you must strive towards excellence at a personal level. Just make sure that you listen to your body and understand its needs. Do what is right for your body, without worrying about or stressing over your progress in the Pilates class as compared to others!

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