Easy Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Almost every woman loves long luscious hair. It adds a kind of confidence in our personality that we can rarely explain. But with longer hair comes longer hair care sessions. Long hair requires a lot of maintenance and care taking. People with long hair must have enough time in their routines to take care of their hair regularly; otherwise they lose its beauty. One main problem faced by people with medium to long length hair is split ends. Those dry ends of your hair that make your hair look unhealthy and unkept; yes, those are split ends.

Split ends may occur in shorter hair as well. Split ends are caused when the oldest part of the hair strands face damage and result in splinters. It basically leads to breakage of the hair, that is, the hair simply breaks at a certain point. The hair strands with split ends don’t grow further, and thus remain shorter than the strands without any split ends. Usually heat treatments, coloring or other chemical treatments are responsible for causing split ends.

Now if we are being completely honest, there is not solution for curing split ends that have already occurred. Once the split ends have frayed, all that you can do to get rid of them is cut your hair. Heartbreaking, right? Since split ends can’t be cured once they have occurred, the only way to stay away from them is to prevent them beforehand.

We DO NOT want split ends at any cost, and that’s for sure! So why not learn ways to prevent them, so that we can grow our hair as long as we want without facing the demon of split ends! Given below are 4 major ways of preventing split ends, which are effective as well as easy to implement in our daily lives. Check these out and bid farewell to split ends from your life!

1. Do not pick at your split ends

If you are not ready for a haircut, but are facing split ends, then don’t think that the solution lies in picking or tearing them. That would actually make your hair weaker, and will not act as a savior in any chance. Hairstylists and experts have said that plucking or breaking split ends actually acts as an invitation to more split ends. And we assume you don’t want any more split end guests, right?

2. Gentle brushing

Steps of preventing split ends are mostly habitual, just like this one. All you have to do here is brush or comb your hair gently, without using much force or aggression. Yes, we know that getting angry at your hair is a different kind of frustration altogether, but please, oh please have mercy on your hair. Your hair deserves to be treated delicately, because it is actually very fragile. So be kind to your hair, k?

3. Low heat tools

We all know that heat tools are deadly for our hair, but we are all still guilty for using them. Since we cannot practically stop using these heating tools to style our hair as desired, all we can do is use them wisely. It is a known fact that the higher the heat you use on your hair, the worse is the damage. Especially if you are dealing with split ends, then make sure to use low heat or heat protectors on your hair before using any kind of tools.

4. Hair dusting

The ultimate way of getting rid of split ends is by chopping your hair off. But cutting our hair can be an emotional job for us women, especially since we wait months and years to let it grow. If you just cannot afford to shorten the length of your hair, then you can go for hair dusting. This is a process where your hairstylist would remove your split ends, without actually hampering the length of your hair. Sounds consoling, right!

These were the four ways of dealing with or preventing split ends. We understand how patiently you have waited for your hair to grow, and we do not want you to have it chopped off just because of split ends. Thus, try out the above steps and we are sure you won’t face split ends and will be able to grow your hair as long as you desire!

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