Riverdale – Review

It is a brilliant series. It has an amazing storyline and a great cast. It’s a must-watch for everyone whether they are an Archie Comics fan or not. The story is a darker take on the world of Archie Comics. It is quite interesting and you will never get bored, it can be absurd at times but you will still love it. Now let me tell you about each of its seasons in particular. Don’t worry they won’t be spoilers.

Season 1: great plot, you won’t be able to guess the mystery till the end, but when you think back it will make total sense. All the episodes are left on cliff-hangers that make us want to watch the next episode immediately.

Season 2: amazing start, though the mystery is a bit predictable but with a lot of twists and turns. There were a lot of points where the storyline became boring but altogether it was awesome.

Season 3: this season has a lot at the beginning but things lower downs as the season proceeds. It has epic episodes.

Season 4: this season begins with an increases simplicity level of Season 1 with the increased insanity level of Season 3.

They play some awesome tracks of music and most of the cast can sing. Season 2, 3 and 4 even have musical episodes, A Night to Remember (Carrie), Big Fun (Heathers) and (Hedwig).

The story is based on the characters of Archie Comics.

Archie: he is the main character of the show. The perfect boy next door and the hero of Riverdale, he is a varsity footballer and a struggling musician who gets interested in boxing. He and Veronica Lodge shared an immense relationship. Archie was easily manipulated by Veronica’s father Hiram Lodge.

Betty: she is the perfect girl next door. She seems the perfect ‘girl to be’ but has a lot going on behind the scenes away from her friends. She solves mysteries with boyfriend Jughead. Later, she turns a bit of a rebel and joins the Southside of the town and their queen.

Jughead: he is the best friend of Archie and boyfriend of Betty. He is born on the Southside and later joins the Southside Serpents and manages them as their new king.

Veronica: best friend of Betty and girlfriend of Archie. The rich daughter of a mobster moved from New York after her father gets arrested. She tries to resist her father’s crime deeds but ends up helping him in it.

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