Sequin Trends Giving Life To Outfits

Women can't seem to get enough of sequin. Read our article on this fashion trend by expert Ayushi Shah

When you think of sequins, the first thought that comes to your mind is shine, glam, shimmer and sparkle! Today we will be showing you how to wear sequins in various ways. One of the biggest trends for the upcoming summers is sequins. You can never get enough of sequins to prom or a birthday party. You can wear sequins to special occasions, but you can also wear them to work, casual gatherings, meetings, shopping and many social events. Traditionally if you think of sequins, you feel it fits more for evening wear. It may be in the form of gowns, cocktail dresses or something in that realm. Now that all of a sudden, the fashion industry has switched things up, and now fusing them into our regular wear. We can pull them off even during the daytime without looking like we’re heading for a night. We will show you fascinating ways on how you can combine sequins not only into your daytime attire but how you can rock them comfortably.


1. Sequin Dress + Fur Coat

An exciting way to wear sequins is to pair up a sequin dress with a fur jacket. You will look amazingly stylish and ready to roll the look. You can wear fur coats with sequins as modestly as possible. A pair of heels or black leather boots will add a glam factor to your outfit.

2. Tube Top + High Slit Sequin Skirt

A super fun and sexy way to wear multicolour striped sequins is to pair it up with with a tube top for a classy event. For a casual outing, you can opt to wear a skirt with a t-shirt. It gives a fun burst of colour and flirty nature, perfect for a woman who embraces sequins.

3. Sequin Top + Shorts

Do you ever get confused about what to wear with a sequin top? During the day, wear sequins with chinos or boyfriend jeans. At nighttime, go for shorts and sneakers. If you're not comfortable with shorts, you can always try a skinny pant or leather leggings.

4. Sequin Dress + Denim Jacket

You can calm down the sequin outfit with a cool denim jacket. A blue denim jacket and a black dress are indispensable sartorial weapons in any fashionable lady's collection. Let your outfit coordination sensibilities shine by complementing the outfit with a pair of knee-high boots.

5. Sequin Jacket + Belt + Flared Trousers

Get lit in a long jacket highlighting a longline silhouette with sequin detailing. Opt for a black sequin jacket and flared trousers. Feeling adventurous today? Spruce up the getup by slipping into black heeled sandals. Easily smarten up this look by adding a belt et voila, the outfit is complete!

6. Sequin Cami + Dhoti Pants + Long Jacket/ Shrug

If you are a fusion lover, you have to go for the most dramatic style. Stop wondering and go for a style that has a long jacket with dhoti pants. Pair the dhoti pants with a sequin camisole. This festive season is a head-turner in glam fashion. Forget the dupatta and go for this refreshing look.

7. Neon Top + Sequin Mini Skirt

For a casual chic look, dress up a neon top with a sequin mini skirt. It is a perfect way to introduce glow to the ensemble. Put a dressier spin on your look by slipping into a pair of black leather pumps.

8. 3 Piece Sequin Outfit

Spice up your wardrobe with a sexy three-piece sequin outfit. We assure you'll never wanna take off! Strut in and make an entrance in a sexy, sequin mini skirt, and pair it up with a sequin bralette. Layer up the outfit with a sequin jacket. Wear chunky leather boots for the ultimate cool vibe.

9. Multicolour Sequin Skirt + Denim Jacket

Want to inject your wardrobe with something cool? A denim jacket over a t-shirt and a multicolour sequin skirt is the perfect way to infuse effortless cool into your day to day styling. Complete your look with black heeled sandals for an added touch of polish.

10. Sequin Top + Sequin Pant

For a sophisticated look, opt for a sequin co-ord. Consider pairing a sequin crop top with a sequin wide-leg pants. We are loving how cohesive this outfit looks when rounding with a mini saddlebag. BONUS POINTS 11. Sequin Saree

12. Wrap On Sequin Dress

13. Lace And Sequin Saree

15. Sequin Tube Top + Linen Pants


Nothing makes a statement like a sequin outfit, but how to accessorize a sequin dress & style it correctly is the key to rocking a classy look. Sequins come in a variety of colours, starting from dark and rich hues to dazzling and hot tones. Sequins always look marvellous and spice up your look. They are the most passionate embellishment we can't miss having. Now is your time to invest in sequin jumpsuits, tops, co-ords and cocktail dresses. Forget stressing about how to wear them. You can wear them casually, to work or even for a party. Let some light in on the darkest time of the year with these gorgeous sequined and embellished looks, after all, it is the moment to shine.

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