Six Health Benefits of Yoga

Everyone knows how beneficial yoga is. Even 15 minutes of yoga everyday works towards your body’s physical well being. It not just works on improving your physical fitness, but also helps you relax and heal mentally and emotionally. As they say, yoga is a combination of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

All exercises of yoga are designed in a way that they benefit both, your physical as well as spiritual or mental health. You just need to be consistent with it, and you will undoubtedly see and feel the results within no time. A lot has already been said about the health benefits that yoga provides. Well, we are no different, since we are going to be talking about the same in this article! But, we have also added a few suggested Asanas for you to actually get to experience the said health benefits. Check out these benefits of yoga and try out the suggested Asanas as well!

6 Health Benefits of Yoga

1. Your Heart Health

Performing yoga regularly is able to reduce body-wide inflammation along with stress as well. This further leads to a healthier heart. In fact, most of the factors that contribute toward a heart disease, like excess weight, high blood pressure, etc., can be controlled by practicing yoga regularly.

The recommended yoga pose for improving heart health is the Downward Dog Pose.

2. Overall Balance, Strength and Flexibility

Like most other kinds of workout, yoga is able to improve your overall body balance, your muscle strength and your flexibility. It involves slow movements along with synchronized breathing practices, which help in increasing the blood flow in the body, and thus warming up the muscles and building body strength.

The recommended yoga pose for improving one’s strength, flexibility and balance is the Tree Pose.

3. Managing Stress

It is a well-known fact that yoga helps in reducing stress. It relaxed your body and your mind, thus working as a stress-buster. According to research and studies, yoga helps in supporting stress management, and provokes healthy eating, weight management, quality sleep, etc.

The recommended yoga pose for managing stress is the Corpse Pose.

4. Easing Arthritis

Arthritis is the pain of joints, which mainly occurs in older adults. Practicing gentle yoga everyday helps in easing the symptoms of arthritis. This disease usually makes the joints of the body swell, or makes them tender. On performing gentle forms of yoga regularly, these painful symptoms can be eased up to some extent.

The recommended yoga poses for easing arthritis symptoms are Sun Salutation.

5. Back Pain Relief

Back pain is the most common form of pain, which affects people of many age groups. Since yoga Asanas involve stretching, they work towards healing back pain up to some extent. Practicing yoga regularly helps in improving the mobility of the lower back, in people suffering from back pain problems. In fact, according to research, yoga is considered as the first-line treatment that heals chronic lower back pain issues.

The recommended yoga pose for back pain relief is the Cat-Cow Pose.

6. Offering a Better Sleep

Since yoga effectively releases stress and relaxes a person’s mind, it definitely works towards giving you a better sleep. If yoga is performed consistently at bedtime, your sleep schedule will get proper. Following a bedtime yoga routine helps your body in preparing itself to fall asleep, and in fact, stay asleep for a longer period of time.

The recommended yoga pose for improving your sleep schedule is the Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose.

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