Tattoos on Legs for Girls

Legs are a very common place to get a tattoo. They can be scary too. If you have ever talked to a girl who has leg tattoo design, the first thing she will tell you is that it hurt. But the end result was totally worth it. Now a person like me would well think a bit on the hurt part, because seriously who wants to voluntarily endure pain? Not me. Tattoo artists explain that more bony the part of leg where you want the tattoo, the more it pains. Legs are the hardest parts of our body, especially our shins or ankles. The calves are a safe place to get a sexy tattoo and so are the thighs for tattooing the legs.

Here is a list of tattoos on legs for girls -

1. Boho Design On The Ankle

Boho is a big thing these days. Girls are adoring Bohemian tattoo designs and styles and I think it will be amazing to incorporate Bohemian designs in your tattoos. They look beautiful and elegant. These two round Boho designs are great to start out from. You can get them on your foot of the outside of your ankle, it’s all up to you. The design of tattoo is up to you too.

2. This Wave Wraparound Ankle Tattoo

Are you a water baby? Yes I know what you mean. If you have always had this love towards the ocean, you can show it off by getting this wraparound ankle tattoo. And what better place than your leg to show your wanderlust of water. I think it’s a unique and gorgeous design at the same time.

3. Wraparound Anklet Tattoo

Do you like pretty things? Then this tattoo for legs for you. This anklet tattoo is graceful and beautiful and your feet won’t look the same again.

4. Your Favourite Quote

Have a favourite book quote you always wanted on your skin? What better way than to get a tattoo. You could get your favourite motivational quote or some quote that makes you feel stronger. Anything and everything. The world is your playground.

5. Chakra Design

This amazing hybrid between a chakra and a dream catcher. The beauty of such designs is that you can create your own variations and have it done exactly as you wish. This beautiful piece of tattoo takes up most of the calf and will look amazing in dresses and shorts.

6. Rose Thigh Tattoo

This rose tattoo is emo as well as graceful. You can get it on the top part of your thigh or have it wrapped around the whole of your thigh.

7. Lace Leg Sleeve Tattoo

If you’re into sleeves then this one is for you. I get that this leg tattoo idea is a whole lot of commitment but you can choose to do it in steps. You can keep adding different pieces to it over a period of time and viola, you’ll have a masterpiece.

8. A Love Letter Tattoo on your Thigh

Get the love letter of Beethoven or Mozart tattooed on your thigh. It’ll be a reminder for you that love is everlasting. For all the romantics out there, this romantic tattoo is for you.

9. Travel Ink

Ever wondered how to express your wanderlust profoundly? Here’s the best solution. This tattoo comprises of all the stamps of the places this person has visited. Think you can achieve something like this on your leg? Save all the stamps and get your tattoo artist to make a collage of them on your upper thigh.

10. Ink Ocean Mermaid

If your most favourite place in the world is the sea then you need to get this inked on your leg. Anyone whose happiest place on earth is in water is suited for this tattoo. It depicts your lust for water so perfectly that you wouldn’t be able to help yourself but show it off.

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