The Ultimate December Shoe Haul

2020 is coming to an end and as impossible as it sounds, it's almost December! December means a season of endless partying, celebration, Christmas, New Year's Eve and so much more. And of course, could there be

a better reason for going for a shoe haul than all this?

Shoes are the first thing that builds your impression when you go for an interview, a meeting or maybe a date! But more often than not, we get so busy with purchasing our clothes that we hardly focus on our footwear. But that is going to change now. We have brought to you this ultimate shoe haul guide where we are going to talk about the exclusive collection at one of the best new online shoe platforms--

Why Pepitoes Appeals to Women Like Us

Pepitoes is a fashion footwear brand that delivers style and quality simultaneously. The brand's voice tells us that they take creative inspiration from their foreign designers and well as Indian artistes. What is very interesting about the masterpieces of Pepitoes is that they never fail to stay in pace with whatever trend is being observed locally and internationally market. Women these days want some trendy designs that are unconventional and yet really beautiful. With Pepitoes, you will get exactly that! And what’s most important is the variety of shoes that you can get here. So, you will have a pool to choose from and what more can a woman want!

What We Want

I went over to the Pepitoes website to check their extensive footwear collection. I was truly flabbergasted. Their design range is unparalleled--they have wedges, flats, bellies, sports shoes and to top it off, they have a kids section too! So, if you want to pick a Christmas gift for your nephew--you can buy an awesome pair of shoes from Pepitoes! From comfortable sandals for women to rhick-soled, sturdy boots, you get everything in one single shop, what can be better than that?

So, without further ado, let's check their collection in details--

Anthracite Comfort Back Strap Wedges

If you want to add a few inches to your height but you're not comfortable wearing pointed heels--go for wedges. These shoes have a wide base, so you're chances of stumbling on feet are minimised, and they will give you a few inches lift so that your purpose of wearing high heels is also fulfilled. Pepitoes gives you a wide variety of wedges. I liked the colours---they can be glittery, pastel, or a plain, shimmery white. Our pick--the Anthracite Comfort Back Strap Wedges. The colour is incredibly uncommon and the back strap supports your feet. The shoes are made from vegan leather and they're durable too. Available in all sizes from 3 to 9 (UK/India), these shoes seem like the best choice for a house party on the eve of Christmas!

Rose Gold Comfort Slip-On Flats

If you value comfort above all and you want a nice and comfy pair of shoes that you can wear to work regularly, go for the flats. Pepitoes has flats ranging from Rs 790 to Rs 2000. The price is very reasonable for the wonderful quality of the shoes that you get. Our pick from this category would be--Rose Gold Comfort Slip-On Flats. The unique slanted bands on the shoes have caught my eye and the rose-gold colour is just amazing! The shoes look really comfortable and durable too. The bands are placed in such a way that your foot gets maximum protection. You get this trendy pair for only 999 bucks!

Comfort Slip on Bellies Dark Pink

Bellies are for all the fashionistas who love coordinating their shoes with their beautiful dresses! The shoes speak for elegance and of course, bellies have a certain oomph factor that you cannot find in any other pair of shoes! Pepitoes has obviously experimented with the bellies collection and their range is outstanding--we could not just pick one, so we picked two pairs because they're oh-so-beautiful. Go for the Steel Grey Comfort Slip-On Bellies if you're all about trendy footwear. The gorgeous color, intricate design and the transparent extension that gives the shoes a beautiful look and also protects your feet--all these make this pair a complete package! Our other pick from this section is Comfort Slip on Bellies Dark Pink. We girls love pink and the simple yet exquisite design of this pair made us fall head-over-heels for it!

Tan Comfort Slip-On Boots

For Christmas, if all you want is to don a velvet red jacket and some leather boots--go for the Tan Comfort Slip-On Boots which are available on Pepitoes at only 2000 bucks! The material is vegan leather and classy tan colour makes it an even better deal. They have provided a side zip for the boots so that they can fit you better.

If you loved these deals on the Pepitoes site, you'd be surprised to hear that they're also giving a 10% discount on purchases over 2495 INR and if you pay online, you get an added discount of 10%. If you head to their website, you will find a "New Arrival" section where you will discover the season's latest trends and you'll also find the "Sale" section where you'll get amazing deals on beautiful shoes.

If this post helped you to plan your Christmas shopping, don't forget to comment down below and also, go visit the Pepitoes website to check out more awesome collections with quality shoes. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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