The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Perfect Pair of Shoes

Tell me if you've been through this---every time you go looking for a pair of cozy boots, casual sandals, fancy pumps, or sporty sneakers, finding the right pair of shoes becomes a massively difficult challenge. Yes, all the equally appealing options distract us and make it very easy to get lost along the way and not know where to look.

Buying shoes is a crucial fashion choice.

As GQ Magazine has mentioned, when a person meets someone, he is judged by them based on five things--and the most important of them is your shoes. Believe it or not, shoes play a critical role in making or breaking your first impression. But if all this is making you nervous and you feel indecisive as to which pair of shoes would be perfect for you, I've got your back. Check out this complete guide where I have listed down some trendy and fashionable options for women's shoes and I've also explained some details about them!

First things first, buying shoes is a decision that must take into account your physical conditions too. If you have a fracture in your heel but you get swayed by a pair of stilettos, please control your wishes and don't go for those. Your feet carry your entire weight and an article on Harvard Health says that the right pair of shoes build your way towards better health.

Now, while buying shoes, I have got some points for you that you need to keep in mind:

◆ Before buying your shoes, consider the shape and size of your feet. Buy shoes that fit your feet. Do not try to force your feet to conform to a pair of shoes just because you like them and they're not available in a bigger size. ◆ Try to wear a pair of shoes that you're most comfortable in while going to buy a pair of new ones. This way, you can consult your old pair and get something just as comfortable! ◆ Snug fit is not a good idea when it comes to shoes. If your shoes are too narrow, it might lead to painful calluses and blisters.

Now that we have all that out of the way, let's get to the main part of this article. Now I'll be telling you about some footwear options you can definitely consider while choosing the best pair of shoes for you.

1. Sneakers---An All-Time Favourite

It should be a proverb by now: "sneakers are always in." The sneaker craze that’s been taking on the world since the last few years, doesn't seem to die down as of yet. And there's a reason for it. Sneakers are your best bet if you like comfortable shoes that would look trendy too. You can wear the traditional sneakers or try out the new thick-soled sneakers that can add a few inches to your heights while making you look awesome! Of course, sneakers are not for formal meetings, but if you're out for a casual tête-a-tête, sneakers are what you should opt for. Even the Instagram models or runway models vouch for a pair of comfy sneakers. For example, Gigi Hadid, the fan-favorite supermodel who swears by her Adidas sneakers, is often photographed by the paparazzi while wearing it. Right now, there are so many styles of sneakers out there that you can try out and experiment and then find the one that speaks to your own individual taste.

2. Boots---Make A Classy First Impression

If you are blessed with long legs, go for boots without a second thought. And even if you're not, try them out since boots can actually make you look taller! If you want to go for a fashionably regal look, a pair of boots is what you need. Boots are a special favourite if you're dressing up for a nice chat at a café during a wintery evening. I would suggest you go for darker boots because they can go with almost all the attires and they don't get dirty as often as the lighter ones do. Some people prefer low-heeled cowboy boots while others like boots that come with a high heel and pointed front---it really depends on what takes to your liking.

3. Sandals---If Comfy Is Your Mantra

Sandals are an all-time favorite. If you believed till now that sandals are only worn while taking a stroll by the beach, well, let me debunk that myth for you. Sandals are the go-to footwear that gives you a casual, funky look while also showing that you are very fashionable. There are millions of sorts of sandals to choose from and right now, the trend is all about the Instagram-famous chunky sandals. Even Harper's Bazaar mentioned that chunky sandals are "the definition of effortlessly chic". Sandals are the easiest shoes to walk in, forget about blisters and forget about hurting your toes. If you are tired of those painful, sky-high heels that make walking seem like a punishment, go for the flats and flip-flops. Trust me, it's the best decision for your feet that you could have ever possibly taken.

4. Block Heels---A Powerful Style Statement

The block heel sensation came up a few years ago and people welcomed it with open arms when they got to know that they can finally walk in heels without the risk of stumbling over every ten minutes. So you want the chic look of a stiletto while you can't bid farewell to the comfort of sandals--say hello to the block heels. It's a kind of a middle ground. You get the height from the heels and the comfort from the sandals, all the while looking absolutely perfect! And it's way easier to walk in block heels than it is in some killer pointed heels. It is a bold and powerful style statement that gives others the impression that you love chic, but comfort is also on your mind---so you want the best of both worlds.

5. Stilettos---As Gorgeous As Ever

Stilettos are like that serious guilty pleasure that you can't get rid of. You know you love your stilettos but they don't love you back. Wearing them for hours on end can deform your bones and damage your body but oh well, who doesn't want to boost up their confidence by giving a lift to their height in a pair of absolutely gorgeous stilettos? As long as you don't start wearing them all through the day, you are relatively safe. Stilettos are one of those essentials that define womanhood. You can't have a wardrobe without a stiletto gracing it. I particularly like a pair of shiny red or black stilettos that give off the vibe that you mean some really chic business here. But there are so many types of stilettos doing the rounds on the web now! But while choosing stilettos, go for the ones you're most comfortable in. Please do not kill your feet, they carry you on their figurative shoulders!


Wedding Shoes:

So you have to attend a wedding ceremony or maybe, you're getting married in a few days, and you need the perfect pair of shoes to complete your look? Well, wedding shoes are a different story altogether. Indian weddings are all about colours and glam and glitter. Also, I would ask you to go for some low-heeled options so that you don't trip and fall over your lehenga, thanks to your sky-high stilettos. Go for gorgeous colours like gold or velvet red or royal blue. You'd not want to show up at a wedding wearing olive sandals. Some sequins do serve the purpose of adding extra glam to your shoes. But it'd be a waste of money if you go for a pair of outrageously expensive shoes that you're going to wear only once during the wedding night, so look out for more economical options that also seem fashionable and complete your wedding-day look.

Now that you have this guide to refer to, I hope buying shoes will never pose a problem for you from now on. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and comment down below if you think I should have included some more types of shoes. Have a great day!

Author: Riddhi M. is a pre-med student from India who is obsessed with health and fitness. She lives with her five kittens and when she’s not reading thrillers or writing blog posts, you can find her having momos or playing chess online.

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