Unusual Ways To Style A Button-Down Shirt With A Twist

Want to stand out from the crowd? Read our article on how to style a button-down shirt by fashion expert Ayushi.

Do you also feel wearing a tee is much comfier than a shirt for casual events? Hey, now is the moment to get out of your comfort zone and make it a purpose to dress shirts more often. Shirts are not only for formal or office wear. You can simply pick up a shirt from your closet and wear them at job, fun, dinners and everywhere. A shirt is one of the most outstanding pieces of apparel you can enjoy. It never runs out of fashion and can serve for any occasion.

A shirt can be worn during the daytime or even for an evening. You can pair it up with jeans, a suit or even a skirt. You have an infinite number of choices. But did you know that with some easy styling tricks, you could transform it into an entire brand-new look? Here, we reveal you how to get the utmost out a basic shirt.


1. Tie up into a crop top Tie the edge of the shirt into a knot. Leave the shirt undone to reveal a hint of your bralette or a camisole. This goes best with high rise jeans. You can also wear it over a dress. It unquestionably goes with any sort of jeans, skirts, trousers, and looks super cute. If you need an outfit that will transition easily from day to night, this is it. Don't skip to work on a pair of square-toe shoes.

2. Wrap it up Wear a shirt as you usually wear. Pick up another shirt of your choice. You can go for a printed one. Overlap the neck of the printed shirt and enclose the end over your body. Join the sleeves at the back and tie the hems in front. You can drop the bottom of the first top as it is or tuck it in.

3. Go off the shoulder Be assured to pick an almost oversized shirt. Leave the top three to four buttons released. Stretch the shirt off both arms. Fold the collar flat facing your back. You can keep the cuffs undone.

4. One shoulder is yes! Button the last three or four lower buttons of your shirt. You can mismatch the buttoning to get an asymmetric hem. Draw one side of the shirt over one arm. You can create a different look by wearing a polo neck beneath the shirt. During warmer months you can ditch it.

5. Suit it up Half tuck the shirt into pants and leave the other half hanging. Fold another shirt horizontally and cover it around the waistline. Cover the sleeves around the back and draw them in front. Choose two different printed shirts. Mismatch the buttoning and keep cuffs open. Half-tuck the front or wrap the half off the shoulder. You can merge two shirts. Wrap one around your bodice and tie the sleeves in the front.

6. Dress it up Enjoy carrying slip dresses and a shirt both? Now blend both of them and wear it in an unusual way to hook the attention. Pair your shirt with a relaxed slip dress and comfy heels.

7. Strapless Do you love strapless sort of look? Keep your shirt on by modifying it into a bustier. Leave the sleeves swaying out. Tie them around your chest. It's adorable for summertime with a pair of white jeans or whatever you like. It will be super fun.

8. Shine sexy You can style a shirt by wearing something sexy underneath and have a glimpse of it visible. You can go for a mesh and silk camisole. Bodysuits are also a great alternative.

9. The cozy look For the colder months, you fancy sweaters! Right? You can wear your button-down shirt with a fine chunky sweater. Do not miss on pulling out those sweet little sleeves. You can look incredible yet be comfortable in this.

10. Super lazy dungaree Another exciting way to style your shirt is by wearing a button-down shirt with a pair of dungaree or a dress.


11. Go oversize

12. Layer up

13. Clash with print

14. Underneath a bustier

15. Over a dress

16. Belt it up

17. With a blazer

18. The chic stylist

19. Under a coat

20. Under one-shoulder top


Are you one of them with a lot of shirts laying back in the closet, but never dare to wear them. We have shown you a few looks that you can master, by wearing one of your favourite shirts. It is one of the most preferred staples one should have. Not only can you wear it to work, but also for the weekend. Just add on a pair of jeans, culottes, shorts, skirts or anything you want. Accessorize it correctly, and you can create pretty looks for all the year-round. Shirts among women became famous long back, but the trend is still going on and would probably never die. We highly recommend shirts when you have no idea what to wear. It is a handy piece and can go for any occasion. You don't even have to worry about what your body shape is. It is a perfect staple for casual as well as formal occasions. It's also perfect for times when you have no idea what to wear, and still want to look incredible. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a shirt from your wardrobe and give yourself a look that you never thought of!

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