Which Lip Balm Would Be The Best For You?

Beauty expert Riddhi speaks about & reviews the best lip balms available in the market. which one is your favorite?

With the dry season closing in on us, our chapped lips will definitely need some nice lip balm to care for them, right? Our busy schedules call for hours of traveling in the dust and little do we know that lips, the most tender part of our face, lose their moisture in this pollution and turn dry and chapped. So you see, we MUST get ourselves a perfect lip balm to make sure our lips stay hydrated and look soft and supple. But a simple search on Amazon for lip balms yields at least a hundred results and it becomes difficult to decide which one we should choose. That is why I have come up with this list of lip balms that I would recommend for you to buy and you can weigh in the pros and cons and purchase the one that suits you the most!

Some expert tip: Don't splurge on your lip balm because trust me, a lot of amazing ones are available in the market at a low cost. Also, since lip balms are for daily use and we need a steady supply of them, it is more economical to decide on an affordable one and buy 2 or 3 packs at a time as Amazon gives an offer if you buy them like that.

1. Lakmé Lip Love Chapstick, Insta Pink, 4.5 g

Price: 101 INR

Starting off with the Lakmé Lip Love chapstick is an obvious move, since this product has raving reviews on Amazon with 4/5 stars from over 3000 happy customers. This Lakmé chapstick has a lineup of 7 lip balms, 6 colored ones, and a colorless variant. I have used the Insta Pink shade myself and I can definitely tell you I don’t regret my purchase. In fact, the Insta Pink lip balm is sheer on application, and then turns into a beautiful shade of pink that seems unique and perfect! Let’s look at the features of this powerhouse product:

☆Keeps your lips moisturized for 22 hours

☆Gives just a hint of color to your lips that is so unique and beautiful

☆Comes with SPF 15, so you don’t need to worry about protecting your lips from the Sun

There you have the details about this product. Coming at only a hundred and one bucks, this is definitely an amazing lip balm---trendy and economical as well. From my experience, you only require a small amount, so this lasts for quite some time. It has a shelf life of 24 months.

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2. Maybelline NY Baby Lips Lip Balm , Cherry Kiss, 4g

Price: 140 INR

When it comes to lip care, it is an offense not to take the name of the Maybelline New York Baby Lips range. This is one of the most popular products in this list, with a formidable 4/5 stars rating on Amazon from over 4000 customers. The trendy retractable stick is definitely easy to use and convenient to keep in your bag while you’re on the road. Since the launch of this lip balm, Maybelline has come up with various other ranges like Maybelline NY Baby Lips Alia Loves NY and Maybelline NY Colour-changing Lip balms, so you can check them out too. Coming to the details of this product:

☆ Offers 16 hours of moisture and SPF 20 for your lips

☆ The “Translucent Colour & Shine” formula gives a pop of color and adds a shine to your lips

☆ Comes in 3 gorgeous shades that’ll surely turn heads!

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3. Nivea Lip Balm Essential Care, Strawberry, 4.8 g

Price: 138 INR

Another amazing name on our list that has a 4 out 5 rating on Amazon is this lip balm from the skincare mogul Nivea

that boasts its natural ingredients and promises to provide the best care for your lips. The great thing about Nivea is that their products don’t need a trendy pack to lure you since they already know it’s the best in the market. Nivea has launched a men’s lip balm and a colorless lip balm too but the strawberry variant gives the slightest shade of pink to your lips while protecting it from dryness and dehydration. Here are some details about the product:

☆ Comes with Hydra IQ formula to moisturize your lips round the clock

☆ It’s shimmering pigments add some shine to your lips

☆ Ensures the best care for your lips with its natural oils

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4. Vaseline Colour & Care Strawberry Chapstick, 4.5 g

Price: 128 INR

Vaseline does not need any introduction since this skincare brand has been around since time immemorial. Packed with the hugely famous Vaseline Jelly and infused with almond oil, this balm is surely perfect for your chapped lips! It comes in three beautiful shades and a colourless variant, so you can choose whichever is up your lane. Its boasts its ingredients of shea butter and cocoa butter which ensure smooth and moisturised lips for you. The details of this product are:

☆ Offers a 24 hour moisture lock on your lips

☆ Gives a gossamer shine to your lips with its unique formula

☆ Comes with Vitamin E that nourishes your lips

5. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm, Strawberry, 5 g

Price: 148 INR

Every beautician’s first choice, Lotus Herbals, has applied its expertise in the skincare field to come up with a perfect lip balm to give you the joy of “a winter free of dry lips”. The cute round container might seem tiny but it is packed with a number of natural ingredients like jojoba oil, almond oil, honey, and strawberry extracts. Jojoba oil soothes the dry skin on your lips while almond oil moisturizes and strawberry extracts heal and protect your lips. Here goes a list of its details:

☆ Loaded with SPF to protect your lips from UV A and UV B

☆ Natural ingredients like jojoba oil and almond oil makes it safe for use on sensitive skin

☆ Repairs and moisturizes dry, chapped lips

Now that you have a list of the top 5 lip balms in the lip care game, choose the one to your liking and find them at discounted prices on Amazon. Don’t forget to share this with your friends because us ladies are always looking for the best lip balm to get rid of chapped lips in the dry season. If you think I should have included some other products in this list, let me know in the comments down below and you can also share your experience with any of the products listed here!

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Author: Riddhi M. is a pre-med student from India who is obsessed with books of all genres. She lives with her five kittens and when she’s not reading thrillers or writing blog posts, you can find her having momos or playing chess online.

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