Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pad –Review

Whisper is all about waking up happy, loving life and loving others just as much you do others. It is about continuing to be unstoppable and feeling great at any age. It’s about being confident every day of the month. The Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary pads claims to lock up to 100% wetness, locks even odour and gives the protection that lasts all day.


The product comes in different sizes of packets and the prices vary accordingly.

· 15 pieces pad pack – Rs. 149

· 7 pieces pad pack – Rs. 80

· 30 pieces pad pack – Rs. 298

· 44 pieces pad pack – Rs. 355

· 50 pieces pad pack – Rs. 349

· 60 pieces pad pack – Rs. 480

The prices might be different on different shopping sites.

About the Product

Whisper sanitary pads are 100% cotton with soft surface pads for health care women menstrual with wings. The pads are thing so give you utmost comfort and relaxation. They are designed to keep wetness at bay to help you be cheerful and confident. They are 40% longer to ensure better coverage and some with a delightful scent.

My Verdict

I would give Whisper ultra pads 1 out of 5 because the size is very small and uncomfortable. There are very sanitary napkins in the market. They are very small pads and don’t help in heavy periods or nights. Also some of the packages some without individual pad packing which makes it non-travel friendly.

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