Widewings Foldable Fan Cleaning Duster - Review

Cleaning the ceiling fans is always an issue in most households. The main problem is usually regarding how to reach the height of the fan. It generally involves getting up on chairs and stools, which is risky as well. To solve this problem, we need something that can reach the ceiling fan easily without the need of getting up on any furniture, and can also clean the fan efficiently. This purpose is fulfilled by the Widewings Foldable Microfiber Fan Cleaning Duster, which we have reviewed in this article. Check out the review below, and if you like it, don’t forget to buy it and try it out!

Widewings Foldable Fan Cleaning Duster

With this fan cleaning duster, you do not need any ladders or chairs anymore for cleaning your fans! Not just fans, you can also use duster for cleaning window blinds. It has a fluffy, microfiber wand, which is bendable in nature. This means, you can bend this duster into the desired shape. The handle of this fan cleaning duster is 35 inches, which makes sure that you can easily reach any spot or corner. It is a two-piece dusting set, which effectively picks up dirt and dust like a magnet! The microfibers used in this fan cleaning duster are super-absorbent in nature and are capable of absorbing 8 times their weight in water.

Apart from fans and window blinds, you can also use this duster to clean your car, your bookshelf, etc. The duster head is made of microfiber, while the rod is made from stainless steel, thus ensuring durability. The microfibers used here tend to get electrostatically charged with use, thus attracting more dust. The best part about this fan cleaning duster is that the microfiber head is not a firm pole, but can be bent and adjusted according to one’s convenience.


· Multi-purpose in nature.

· 360-degree flexible function.

· Removable microfiber cloth.

· Stainless steel pipe can be extended.

· Super-fine fiber is used in the brush.

· Owns strong water-absorption force.

· It adheres dust, dirt and hair very easily.

· Can be used to clean many appliances or devices, like your car, sofa, TV, fan, window slides, etc.

· It has a flat, rectangular design which easily reaches all spots.

· The duster is machine washable.

· It uses chenille and microfiber technology, which results in quick-trapping of dirt, dust and allergen.

· The duster cloth is removable.

· Features thread screw tips, which allow extended access.

Our Verdict

We recommend this fan cleaning duster to all our readers, mainly because it makes the job of cleaning fans so easy and mess-free! Apart from this, the fact that attracted us towards this duster is that it can be bent according to your need, thus making it possible to clean literally any surface with it. You can reach all those high spots that you find difficult to reach with this duster! Its price is reasonable, and its components make it a durable purchase, as well. So, it’s a thumbs-up from our side!

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