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Karthigai Deepam (Zee Tamil) Serial Cast, Real Names, Timings, Story, Wiki

Unveiling the Intriguing World of 'Karthigai Deepam': Explore the Cast, Real Names, Timings, Story, and Wiki of Zee Tamil's Captivating Serial!
Karthigai Deepam (Zee Tamil) Serial Cast, Real Names, Timings, Story, Wiki

"Karthigal Deepam" is an Indian Tamil-language television serial that has captivated audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar cast. Premiering on December 5, 2022, on Zee Tamil, the show explores themes of discrimination and transformation. Let's delve into the cast, real names, timings, story, and other intriguing details about this popular drama.


The main cast of "Karthigal Deepam" includes talented actors who bring life to their characters:

  1. Karthik Raj as Karthikeyan: Karthik Raj takes on the lead role of Karthikeyan, a successful businessman whose life intertwines with the protagonist, Deepa.

  2. Arthika as Deepa: Arthika plays the pivotal character of Deepa, a gifted singer who faces discrimination due to her dark skin. The narrative revolves around her journey and transformation.

  3. Meera Krishnan as Abirami: Meera Krishnan portrays the character of Abirami, adding depth and complexity to the storyline.

  4. Vichitra as Rajashree: Vichitra's portrayal of Rajashree contributes to the rich ensemble cast, creating a multifaceted viewing experience.

  5. Janani Deva as Rupashree: Janani Deva takes on the role of Rupashree, adding layers to the drama and enhancing the overall narrative.

  6. Vandana Michael as Aishwarya: Vandana Michael's portrayal of Aishwarya adds further intrigue to the relationships within the series.

  7. Riya Choudhary as Meenakshi: Riya Choudhary brings Meenakshi to life, contributing to the diverse and compelling character dynamics.

  8. Tamil Selvi: Tamil Selvi, Nimish Sagar, and Ayub VJ also play integral roles in shaping the narrative of "Karthigal Deepam."

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"Karthigal Deepam" is a poignant tale that centers around Deepa, a talented singer who encounters discrimination because of her dark skin. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Karthikeyan, a successful businessman. The show intricately weaves a narrative of love, transformation, and societal challenges, drawing inspiration from the Malayalam Asianet series "Karuthamuthu."

Timings and Availability:

The show airs from Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Zee Tamil, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar performances. Each episode has a running time of 20-22 minutes, providing viewers with a perfect dose of drama and entertainment. For those who prefer online streaming, "Karthigal Deepam" is also available on Zee5.


"Karthigal Deepam" has become a must-watch for fans of Tamil television dramas, thanks to its engaging storyline and stellar cast performances. With themes of discrimination, love, and transformation, the show continues to capture the hearts of viewers, making it a standout addition to Zee Tamil's programming. Tune in to witness the captivating journey of Deepa and Karthikeyan unfold every weeknight at 9 pm.