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Know About Basic Skills of Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi’s Rise and Fall: From Glory to Obscurity

Fierce raiders covered in dirt clash with resolute defenders drenched in sweat, while a sea of spectators watch, some whistling, others captivated. Kabaddi has always provided immersive and intimate sporting moments for both fans and players. Yet, like other traditional sports such as Kho Kho and Mallakhamb, Kabaddi's popularity waned over the centuries, primarily due to the rise of cricket. KreedOn offers a comprehensive look at Kabaddi's skills, covering both offensive and defensive techniques.

Interestingly, Kabaddi is experiencing a resurgence, thanks in part to the application of the 'IPL-model' to traditional Indian sports. The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), which emerged from this model, now attracts over 300 million viewers. Kabaddi has evolved from a casual pastime to a highly competitive sport, making it essential to understand its skills. Here, we decode the various skills of Kabaddi.

Kabaddi Game

Before diving into Kabaddi skills, it's important to understand the game's objective: to score points by raiding the opponent's court and touching as many players as possible without being caught, all while chanting "Kabaddi! Kabaddi!" Raiders try to touch defenders, while defenders coordinate to capture the raider.

Skills of Kabaddi Game


Offensive Skills

  1. Raiding: The primary objective is to score points by crossing into the opponent's court and touching defenders.
  2. Hand Touch: Requires practice and reflexes. Variations include running hand touch, stooping hand touch, turning hand touch, hopping hand touch, and feint and touch.
  3. Toe Touch: A technique used by experienced raiders to touch defenders from a distance with their feet.
  4. Dubki: Popularized by Pardeep Narwal, this involves ducking below defenders' arms to escape.
  5. Squat Thrust: Raiders thrust a leg towards opponents while in a squatting position, requiring agility and quick reactions.
  6. Kicking: Includes back kicks, side kicks, and curve kicks to confuse and maintain distance from defenders.

Defensive Skills

  1. Tackle: Defenders use various techniques to pin down raiders.
  2. Block: A defender blocks the raider’s path with their body.
  3. Chain Tackle: Multiple defenders form a chain to block the raider's path.
  4. Waist Hold: Defenders grab the raider by the waist to disrupt their balance.
  5. Ankle Hold: Corner defenders grab the raider's ankle as they attempt to score.
  6. Thigh Hold: Cover defenders grab the raider's thighs, timing their move to perfection.
  7. Diving Ankle Hold: A more technical move where the defender locks the raider's legs, requiring cover support for success.


Kabaddi's revival, fueled by the Pro Kabaddi League, highlights its dynamic nature and competitive spirit. Mastery of both offensive and defensive skills is crucial for success in this sport, making it a thrilling and strategic game for both players and spectators alike.